Man Dies Bungee Jumping in Mairinque, Brazil

Man Dies Bungee Jumping in Mairinque, Brazil
Man Dies Bungee Jumping in Mairinque, Brazil

36 year old Fábio Ezequiel de Moraes bungee jumped from a railroad bridge, but the rope was too long, and he slammed full speed to the ground, killing himself.

22 thoughts on “Man Dies Bungee Jumping in Mairinque, Brazil”

  1. Well of all the serious things that happen in the world and posted on this site that i have manny opinions about this is just silly and sad.Tried to have a good time and it was a stupid idea.Im sure the Brazilian hippies who set that up for him feel like shit and they should.fuck it im drunk peace

  2. IT’S BRAZIL GUYS!!! What did you think was going to happen? I wouldn’t be surprised if the person filming the death died on his or her way home do to the primitive routes the shit country procures.

  3. I thought that bungee jumping was done strapped to the ankles. Would it not be painful to be strapped around your bare waist? Would one not risk breaking one’s spine??? I guess that’s Brazil for ya.

  4. Again. ….. Play Stupid Games. ….. Win Stupid Prizes. ….. And this stupid Son of a Bitch get’s the OFFICIAL TOP PRIZE!!! …… DEATH! ….. RIP HECTOR ” UGLY PARTY SHORTS ” RODRIGO!

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