Three Men Beheaded by ISIS in Philippines

Three Men Beheaded by ISIS in Philippines

Video released by ISIS in the Philippines (though not Abu Sayyaf) shows the beheading of 3 alleged spies.

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  1. This is another fake video, you people really believe this shit? It’s all produced to make false basis for another war. Wow wake the fuck up people, stop being so closed minded and in denial. Play the video over and over again, go to you tube and look up how many fake fucking beheading videos are made by the us and un. BS

  2. Take as fuck take a look at the real beheading videos of jack Hensley, Eugene armstrong,shosei koda,and others and compare it to this shut. Everyone should question themselves how would a real beheading video seem like. This is special affected the blood is bullshit and the screaming. If you were being beheaded you would sound like a pig and gargle. Other times they cut the video .

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