Resident Attacks Female Janitor in Espírito Santo, Brazil

Resident Attacks Female Janitor in Espírito Santo, Brazil
Resident Attacks Female Janitor in Espírito Santo, Brazil

A video taped by internal security cameras shows the moment when a 43-year-old janitor is attacked by a resident of a building in Praia do Canto, in Victoria. The assault happened on Thursday (29), around 4pm. The resident was detained and the victim is hospitalized in the Hospital San Lucas, aware.
According to witnesses, the resident, identified as Bertrand Aron, 31, arrived in an orange Onix model car and, apparently altered, walked out of the garage. After a fall, he went into convulsion. At that moment the cleaning lady, a doorman and a third employee of the building approached and tried to help.

When they realized that the villager had returned to him and was altered, the doorman and the other employee quickly moved away. However, the victim remained on the scene. On the phone, the other woman asked for help.

Bertrand then begins to attack the cleaning lady with kicks, punches and kicks. She faints, and yet the assaults continue. The first residents who arrived at the scene activated the Samu and the Military Police. Both the cleaning lady and the assailant were taken to the Hospital São Lucas.

One of the residents of the condominium, who asked not to be named, said he was surprised by the attitude of the aggressor, considered by then as a quiet person.

“He had never caused problems in the building, never imagined he would. When I saw her, I thought she was dead. She has worked in the building for five years and is a very dear person, “he said.

According to the victim’s relatives, the cleaning lady is in a stable, conscious state, but is not expected to be discharged.

“He’s conscious, talking normal. She does not say anything, but she feels a lot of pain in the neck, but I did not want to question anything about what happened, “said the daughter of the battered employee.

In a statement, the Secretary of State for Public Security and Social Defense (Sesp) reported that the Military Police went to the scene and found cans of beer consumed and 13 pins of substance similar to cocaine in the vehicle in which the aggressor was.

Earlier in the evening, he was taken to the Vicariate Regional Police Station. The man was charged for attempted femicide and possession of drugs for personal use. He was transferred to Viana prison around 8 o’clock this Friday (30).

At the exit of the police station, Bertrand was approached by reporters, but did not want to answer the questions. The information is that he does not have a lawyer yet.

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    1. The man had a schizo episode trigered by epilepsy, but without the audio its only speculation. There is a 5 min window between the seizure and the attack.
      And you can see the man cut his head when he fell, maybe he thought the woman did something to him.

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