12 Year Old Katelyn Nichole Davis Livestreams Her Suicide by Hanging with Liveme App

12 Year Old Kaitlyn Livestreams Her Suicide by Hanging with Liveme App
12 Year Old Katelyn Nichole Davis Livestreams Her Suicide by Hanging with Liveme App

According to the info I got, the girl’s name was Katelyn Nichole Davis, she was 12 year old and lived in Georgia, USA. She streamed her suicide live to the internet using Live.me App.


All degenerates requesting (or threatening) to take the video down need to READ THIS.

351 thoughts on “12 Year Old Katelyn Nichole Davis Livestreams Her Suicide by Hanging with Liveme App”

    1. After reading some comments I think half you bastards should kill yourself too. The world would be a better place… Children shouldn’t have to die much less take there own life.

  1. She could have at least used good lighting – the bitch

    On a serious note, she was an emotionally unstable mentally ill attention whore.

    She’ll be back in 50 years in another lifetime. Don’t go all beta on me and play white knight cucks boys, you couldn’t have saved her.

  2. Pretty scary to watch, the way her body continued to convulse as she was waiting for the rope to kill her. No idea how she managed to go through with it. That rules out hanging as an option for me if I ever decide to kill myself

  3. This is absolutely devastating 🙁 and sad… there are no words to described …what big pain this little poor girl was hiding inside 🙁 … Gods take care of her..

  4. By the sheer numbers of comments, this video affected people in many different ways. This is a tragedy – a 12 year old little girl taking her life because she saw no other way out. That’s extremely sad to me. I’m disappointed, sickened by some of these disrespectful comments. Says a lot about you who left comments like that – no compassion, no heart. Others however left some very kind and beautiful compassionate comments. RIP little angel – this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you, because you weren’t valued and appreciated as you should have been. I’m so sorry for your pain.

  5. It is heart breaking to think that this poor girl couldn’t get the help she needed, and hold those accountable for her abuse that led her to such desperate measures! I don’t know why the first poster of this video ever put it up for the world to see! Now, I understand it is impossible to rid of it. So tragic!

    1. Dude She streamed it, she wanted people to see it! It should be up, people should see as a self harmer with manic Bipolar and have tried to kill myself 9 times but people just will not leave me alone long enough, and I can see why she did it there is a serious problem in this world that needs to be made public no one ever talks about mental health until someone dies from it, and they know shit about it! If people would talk about it and teach others about and how to handle it Katlyn would still be here! People watching they live stream had no clue what to do they even said “What should we do?” “What can we do?” if people would learn about it and talk about instead of running and trying to act like it never happened! Here video has opened a lot of doors and help with mental illness it’s sad that it take some to die before anything is done about it!
      Do you know every 45 Sec some kills himself?-worldwide in the USA every 4 minutes someone commits suicide? Yeah Set there and tell me there’s no problem and people don’t need to see this, I’m glad she did wish it wouldn’t of happened but even with her gone she has and still is saving life people are helping the mentally ill because they don’t want this to happen agian!

  6. Out of all the gory sick shit I’ve seen on here and LL, this is surely the most haunting. I’m glad the lighting was such I couldn’t see her that well, it’s bad enough as it is.
    I can handle a pile of bodies and HD beheadings yet this one is almost too much. Nothing is more sad then a kid choosing death over life. I wish I could watch the brutal beatings of all those who are responsible.

  7. Desensitized. Seems we’ve all become so desensitized and jaded. This young girl just needed a little love, kindness and hope. Don’t see much of that happening – I am vowing to do at least one kind thing every day for someone and so they don’t know who did it. Random acts of kindness – tomorrow is day 2. Day 1 felt wonderful to create a smile on someone who didn’t see it coming. If you got your meal paid for in the McDonald’ds line, maybe it was me. Hope it made your day!

  8. Depression is not something that is easy to go through especially at a young age… myself I was suicidal at the age of 5 throughout my adult life out of depression some kids just can’t hack it and with the internet these days kids have more guts to do it on live stream.. no child should go through any kind of depression and they should be protected and helped and have people adults to talk to instead of being ignored which I am sure has happened 🙁

  9. The Girl was beautiful. She had to much ? love inside of her. Nowe IT is to late to write anything more than That. Be happy out there Kathlyn, baby of my dreaming. I will never forget. Same Day We all will join you. There, where is no pain in heart. Gilgames

  10. you know most of you stupid fucks are like me don’t give a fuck. some are gust really fucked up. but I really agree with the majorty. fucking 12 year old hangs herself I really wish I didn’t see it. that’s just sad. I don’t belive in a god but if there is one really hope that she gets forgiven. the poor girl I really wish never watch the fucklng thing

          1. bigousdickus god fucking damn but really think your stupid has nothing to do with you maybey a little bit. but anyone that can take pleasure at a 12 year olds suiside . I call you a sad fuck. so I do stupid fuck sad fuck that was just to you stupid sorry fucking sad stupid bitch. god damn I love English, I really hope you go to jail. really hope you get fucked in the ass, I really do, I would watch that, me I just fucking balls. I really would I would I would fucking me myself I would fucking put fishing line around sorry fucks like y0u

  11. Crying about this wasted life. She was in the age of 12. There is nothing else to say. Poor little girl. My daughter is 14 years old and I …… Poor litle girl

  12. one less stupid arse kid in 5he world! most kids now day do shit, and when they don’t get the attention they want. or the reaction they are looking for. they think it’s the end of they PHucking world!
    so if & when someone wishes to be chicken shit like this. and thinks taking their own life is best. they are going to end up in hell just like me.

  13. and in the other video when she says, don’t mkae fun of hese people. Or don’t make fun or theses or thoese kids. i say, most kids now days. are b3ggging to be made fun of! now a lot of people, & i mean. alot of PHucking people. can’t take acdamn joke anymore. so i say, “PHuck’em If They Can’t They Can’t Take A Jokel, And Joke’em If They Can’t Take A A PHuck”!!!

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