Nine People Die When Car Plunges Into Pond in Indonesia

Nine People Die When Car Plunges Into Pond in Indonesia
Nine People Die When Car Plunges Into Pond in Indonesia

Deadly accidents occur on national roads Medan – Sidikalang Precisely at Tanjung Beringin, SUMBUL, Dairi. Car entourage of family plunged into the pool. As a result, nine passengers died on the spot, three lucky people survived.

Police numbers BK1568KM Avanza car driven Lamsir Banjarnahor (32) resident of village Martudu, District Bakti king, Humbang Hasundutan. Plunge into the pool at the edge of the road, on Monday (02.01.17) approximately 16:30 pm.

Dairi police chief, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Syahrin Kobul Ritonga confirmed in hospitals Sidikalang explained, passengers in the ill-fated vehicle numbering 12 people. Victims killed 9 people, while three people survived.

the victims were, Joya Banjarnahor (9 months), Ardino Banjarnahor (13), Renuenti Banjarnahor (12), Institution Banjarnahor (4), Pani Banjarnahr (5). Purida Boru Turnip (30), Endang (35) and Lamsir Banjarnahor (32) of the driver. While newspapers survived, Elprida Tamba (driver’s mother), Herlina Banjarnahor and Dosma Banjarnahor. Police Chief explained, to 9 deaths and the evacuation of survivors to hospitals already Sidikalang.

Likewise, the car has been evacuated to Mapolres Dairi, bright Kobul. One survivor, Herlina Boru Banjarnahor (18) in hospitals Sidikalang explained, they departed from Bakkara around 7:30 pm. They want a new home for many bone (uncle) in the village of Tualang, District Siempat Nempu Hulu, Dairi.

Arriving incident location, Desa Tanjung Beringin heavy rain weather conditions, so that the car does not look burr left side of the road because the road is covered with water and the wheels of the car in the hole and then reversed into the pool as deep as 5 meters

Observations of journalists, until the evening. to nine deaths in hospitals still do post mortem Sidikalang. Likewise survivors have received treatment.

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