Kashmir Terrorist Blinded by Indian Army

Kashmir Terrorist Blinded by Indian Army
Kashmir Terrorist Blinded by Indian Army

The title is verbatim what I was told by the source. It looks like the guy, whom the Indian army accuses of being a terrorist got beat so bad, he was blinded on one eye, and left swollen and bruised.

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  1. You guys are so stupid, he is among various Kashmiri protesters of occupied Kashmir suppressed by Indian Army for decades. Google “kashmir pellet injuries” and you will know

    1. You are right.. they don’t need pellets they fucking deserve a bullet right in the middle of the head which is filled with shit.
      These assfuckers, pig eaters would be out begging if it wasn’t for the regular grants theis troublesome state receives and that too from the tax payers money, not that these guys contribute anything to the economy!
      Also not to forget how these guys systematically killed many & forced many more Hindus in the valley to leave their everything behind & start from scratching their parts of India.. read about that too!
      so ya all these sister fuckers need to die, probably you too, the way you are defending them.. fuck off go to some training camp in Pakistan, come back and get killed by Indian army you asshole.

  2. They are militants, not terrorists. These militants don’t rape girls & women of remote villages, the “great” Indian Army does. The cunt who runs India is the prime accused in the famous Gujrat Riots, who miraculously has not been charged with anything. I recommend watching Inshallah Kashmir.

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