Man Beheaded After Interrogation in Mexico

Man Beheaded After Interrogation in Mexico
Man Beheaded After Interrogation in Mexico

Video from Mexico shows a man being interrogated and beheaded by his captors.

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    1. Dumbass do you know how many underground tunnels there are at the border? OK let’s make a 100 foot wall that’ll keep them out! LMFAO Trump supporters are fucking retarded. Wait I take that back didn’t mean to offend retarded people.

      1. Hey stupid fuck,
        regardless of how many underground tunnels are existent wouldn’t a 100ft wall be better then the wall that is there now.. which doesn’t even completely close off the border? Would you say it’s fair to people that are now American citizens that had to go through the tedious grueling process of being legalized from other countries and persevered to obtain citizenship? Versus the idiots that climb that wall or go through those underground tunnels you speak of to get here and think they can do whatever the fuck they want from the time they decide to cross over to the United States till now…. would you say that’s fair? What fucking idiot.

        1. In addition to creating that border, what about fucking up the ecosystem. Did you think of that? Sure lets create a wall, but at the same time, lets destroy ANY chance of growing crops or having land suitable for wildlife to grow, thereby killing about 20 miles of land inward from that wall.

          Hell why we’re at it! Why don’t we also close the northern border too? I mean fuck 10 years worth of data shows that 40% of illegal immigrants come just from the north! Are we going to do ANYTHING at ALL ABOUT THEM!?

  1. The wall won’t make any difference.. Trump advisors have admitted this already but the political goal which would gain voters was what he needed… It’ll be a big project with more than a billion dollars of taxpayer money with little effect.. I don’t really see a huge benefit but it’s more a visual statement imho

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