Bloody Disembowelment of Inmate in Brazilian Prison

Bloody Disembowelment of Inmate in Brazilian Prison
Bloody Disembowelment of Inmate in Brazilian Prison

Video from yesterday’s massacre in Alcaçuz prison in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil, shows a dead inmate being disemboweled.

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  1. Seriously, can anyone explain why inmates would be repeatedly stabbing and abusing the body of an obviously dead man. And why would inmates be digging into the man’s thorax ?

    Lastly, some of the sounds in the background sounded like people being tortured and murdered. What are your thoughts?

    1. Fuck…. sickest of the sick in regards to murder. It seems only thing that is left for these guys to do is cannibalism. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re already doing it. We also got to take in consideration that these guys are in prison…. a considerable amount of downtime means more playtime.

    2. Skinning alive, dismembering alive, disemboweling alive/corpse, and all other nasty shit you have seen here, is done by satanists. So these untermensh is, willingly or unwillingly, paying tribute to Satan.

    3. I read a medical journal that said a person could be have this happen and stay alive up to 24 hours, I think he was still alive I really do, and someone must have known this and that is why they did this in this way !! Seen some shit in my life but i think I may need counseling after this!!!!

  2. I think stabbing a dead body is really done, if even subconsciously, as a way to show extreme hatred, or, going one step further, adding injury to insult. I don’t believe that in all these videos that we see of people stabbing a recently dead body that they’re all satanists.

    It’s kinda like that ex- bf or gf who not only dumps you, but then goes one step further and burns all your stuff. You were never going to get your stuff back as it was anyway, so burning it is like the ultimate slap in the face. Burning all your stuff wasn’t even necessary nor productive, but doing so was that last act of revenge….. kinda like stabbing a dead body.

  3. I did hear shouts in the background, but they in no way sounded to me like the sounds of torture. They sounded more to me like ordinary prison shouts, as prisons in Brazil likely aren’t of the same degree of tranquility as libraries.

  4. When I watch I imagine this was my child this was done to. Then I imagine it is my child doing it. I imagine all sorts of circumstances.

    There is no excuse for this shit.

    There is no remorse. No empathy. The human animal pictured is playing in the entrails of another dead man.

    Do you judge a species by its crowning achievements or its lowest common denominators?

    Is THIS where humans are?

    NO: We are NOT created as equals. Some (maybe more than I would like to think) are foul garbage. Yes I am superior to this. But what’s the use??

    1. Here’s a country who boldly erects a statue of Jesus in their arrogance signifying their righteousness. However these hedious, barbaric acts of violance having no regard for humanity stem from a conscience that has been seared, yes a reprobate mind whom God has left long ago to destroy themselves. What good can come out of Brazil…?
      These people didn’t come about over night, they are a product of their devilish forefathers. The land and the people there of have been cursed long ago.

  5. They were discussing how the body is beginning to Smell. ….. But once you Boil it. …. The meat falls off the bone. …. With Rice & Beans, It Tastes delicious. Sick Fucks!

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