Student Opens Fire at Colegio Americano del Noreste in Mexico

Student Opens Fire at Colegio Americano del Noreste in Mexico
Student Opens Fire at Colegio Americano del Noreste in Mexico

MONTERREY.- Four minor children and a North American American schoolteacher were seriously injured after one of the students used a .22-caliber weapon inside the classroom.

The suspect first shot the teacher and then his companions and attempted to shoot himself in the head, but realizing that the gun was no longer bullets, reloaded and shot in the mouth.

The wounded were identified as 14-year-old Luis Fernando Ramirez, Ana Cecilia and Maribel Chávez, 15, as well as teacher Cristina Solis and the alleged perpetrator.

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Catean Los Zetas house in Cancun

The minor was responsible for depression therapies, sources said.

State security spokesman Aldo Fasci reported that two of the wounded were transferred to the University Hospital and three more to a private hospital.

Elements of the homicide center region of the State Agency of Investigations guarded the area in coordination with Civil Force.

Dozens of parents came to the school to pick up their children after learning what happened.

Aldo Fasci, said the parents of the person responsible are already being interviewed.

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  1. it looks as if the pudgier young man took a headshot first, then the teacher. the shooter showed mercy. you can see as he finishes reloading, a child in the back corner peeks up as if it’s safe. One could speculate that the shooter told the rest of them to get out. Seconds after taking a peek, the child and many other begin moving towards the exit. then the shooter shoots himself and folds spectacularly.

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    1. He killed very judiciously. He obviously has a few choice selections of who he wanted to kill. It’s logical that these people had bullied him to the point where he no longer considered life worth living, and rather than simply kill himself, he decided to get a little bit of vengeance before doing so. They were not innocent, and he was not a pussy, he was an hero.

      1. You seem to know so much detail. Were you there? Were you a victim, too? Or perhaps one of the bullies that got away and is now playing innocent? Or maybe (and waaaay more likely) you’re just an idiotic fool. Go take a nap.

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