Shopkeeper Brutally Clubbed by Black Man with Baseball Bat

Shopkeeper Brutally Clubbed by Black Man with Baseball Bat
Shopkeeper Brutally Clubbed by Black Man with Baseball Bat

CCTV video from the USA shows a black man brutally clubbing a shopkeeper with a baseball bat.

34 thoughts on “Shopkeeper Brutally Clubbed by Black Man with Baseball Bat”

    1. That dumbass shouldn’t have come after that guy with a fucking bat in the first place the store he was working for has a no confrontation policy. He earned what he got and shows the reason why we have certain rules.

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  1. Typical nigger! Can’t fight alone or with their own hands. Even after all those hits the Guy still gets up!! Weak ass porch monkey. Wish it was in my gas station. Dude wuda got his black ass taken care of rq ?

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  3. Dude was probably the store owner/family member or some shit. See the videos all the time of shop owners fighting back. Only difference between this guy and some other guys is that this dude became batting practice

  4. just on another note though, I myself as a true aryan (blnd hr, blu eyes 😉 feel that after we get eradicate the black plague, et al upon this earth, we should then rebuild society by enslaving dark haired white people. I don’t get on with them and don’t trust them for shit!

  5. Yeah, I must be fair and that dude went after him with club in hand. He was instantly disarmed and took endless blows from his own weapon. The only positive thing that happened was the shop guy was a typical foreigner coming here to get money. So he got what he deserved. A win/win situation if you know what I mean!

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