Thief Punished by Having His Fingers Chopped Off with Machete

Thief Punished by Having His Fingers Chopped Off with Machete
Thief Punished by Having His Fingers Chopped Off with Machete

Video from Brazil shows a thief caught stealing getting punished by having two of his fingers chopped off with a hatchet.

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      2. Laughing in that situation can be a defense mechanism, it can keep you from feeling shock, horror and pain, it can keep you from identifying with the people in the videos.
        Laughter is the best medicine…

      3. @TattooedTraveler If you look at the comments on most videos here it’s a bunch of try hard edge fags trying to make funny comments. it’s fucking Embarrassing to see these guys make cheesy hackey comments. Fucking Cringy just a bunch of un creative un funny people

      1. By the looks of it Brazil is full of scummy human beings. lots of the videos on this site come from brazil. what a fucked up place that is Brazil is a shit hole that needs to be nuked.

    1. Are you a sick fuck or something for joking about something like this? Anyone who jokes about something like this deserves to have the same thing happen to them.

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  1. How can you sick fucking pieces of shit joke about something like this? Whoever jokes about something like this deserves to have that same exact thing happen to them. He basically looked like a kid, he was crying, and he was shown no mercy…

  2. Videos like these are disturbing, I don’t know how I came across this video… and too many sick & horrific things happen in the world that shouldn’t be allowed to happen in the first place.

    1. Tattooed, welcome to the world of the black/brown.

      All the wonderful stuff they taught you about multiculturalism is 100% bullshit aimed @ watering down the white race.

        1. @TattooedTraveler, you didn’t just come across this video, you registered yourself within this website to be able to post comments. You’re committed now. Jokes will be a plenty. If you’re easily offended by sick photos/videos/comments, I suggest you stick to Farmville where you’re safe in your own little Eutopia. Otherwise, please stop degrading other members for their comments. It is what it is…move on!

          1. Their comments are sick, anyone who makes these kinds of comments deserves for the same thing to happen to them and see how they like it. They wouldn’t be laughing if it happened to them…

          2. You want others to be dismembered for making offensive comments and then you have the nerve to call others “sick fuck”. God damn son, you must be a bit retarded. Two words: Fuck off!

  3. And Goran, you must be just another one of the too many assholes & dickwads that are overpopulating this world. Six words: Fuck you and go to hell! Watching a video like this is one thing, but making evil jokes about the misery of the person in this video is something else. I’m out…

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