Car Rear Ended by Texting Driver in Arkansas

Car Rear Ended by Texting Driver in Arkansas
Car Rear Ended by Texting Driver in Arkansas

Dashcam video from Conway in Arkansas captured the moment the car got rear ended by a texting driver at 50 mph.

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  1. pitiful job at concealing the licence plate # with that blurry blob. i don’t want to give anything away here, but if you watch the blurry image over the plate # frame by frame// well you’ll see..

  2. Happened to me recently and let it. Although to be fair there wasn’t much i could do.
    I had seen the female driver behind me paying no attention and talking to her elderly mother in the passenger seat. I stopped at lights and a glance in the mirror confirmed my fears, head to side, not looking.
    So i braced my head against the headrest and thought here we go.. New car time. I had left a gap to the car in front so didn’t hit it. The impact ruined the bonnet and lights of her Kluger and destroyed my rear bumper and tyre carrier but there was little other damage.
    I was annoyed but let her off somewhat. I’m sure she learned her lesson and she was lucky she hit my Pathfinder and I was ready. She could have seriously injured occupents of a small car.

    I didn’t claim any injury from her insurance . Just the damage which i fixed myself. I was thankfully ok anyway.

    Be careful out there.

  3. I stopped for a school cross walk at 330pm and a Ford ranger Pickup truck rear ended me. His skid marks for braking was 4 car lengths long. Guy was speeding… School zone 25mph, 35mph limit. Guy was going at least 50mph…

  4. Some faggot hit my 1 year old corvette back in 2007 the same way.

    My head/neck was fucked for 4 months

    I saw him right after the accident and he was a complete douchebag cuck terrified of the cop who came to the scene.

    That fuckers insurance company paid BIG.

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