Man Attacked by Dog on Street

Man Attacked by Dog on Street
Man Attacked by Dog on Street

It looks to me like the video is from an Asian country. It shows a man being attacked by a fairly large dog. A few men come to his aid.

15 thoughts on “Man Attacked by Dog on Street”

  1. Same shit happened to my Bosnian buddy when he went to visit family out there. Huge fuckin dog wouldn’t quit trying to bite him and wouldn’t leave him alone; long story short he bashed its head in with a rock and that was that! He was 12 at the time btw

  2. Goddamn inbred mongrels. I fucking hate loose dogs. I carry an aluminum ball bat, wasp nest spray, and a .22 magnum every time I go for a bike ride. If somrone loves their vicious yardshark, they better keep it in their damn yard.

    I keep planting dogs, but can’t seem to grow any…

    1. Damn dude, much respect …..but ….I suppose your training for Le Tour de France or that compo in Toronto? Kinda sounds like your running dope across town through the hood. Peace?.

  3. Fucking Dude was Hungry and Bit the Dog first. ….. Like the old saying goes. ….. Be Careful what you wish for. …. He wanted the dog. ….. So he got’em, Just not the way he thought.

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