Black Guy Being Dick on Train

Black Guy Being Dick on Train
Black Guy Being Dick on Train

I believe this was filmed on a train in New Jersey. The video shows a black guy gong off on an Indian guy.

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  1. What third world county was this filmed at? Did not see any White people around, blazing guns, or flying bullets!
    Not even a single cop shooting his/her way out!

  2. You have a right under the law to film in a public place, such as this subway car. Private places, such as your employer can deny you from even bringing your cell phone on there property under the law. The man filming was within the law!

  3. Typical Black Dude making all the Good Black people, and there are many,,, look bad, yet again!
    The Black community should set-up a secret-society of good upstanding members of our communities, to deal with these assholes, and help clean up the streets. Because black people, can get through to them better than us white can because they “the bad apples” do not trust, or listen to the white man. So go ahead you Good Black people of America, help out your,& our communities, by getting involved. Most black men are terrified of their Mama,s, so get the Mom,s out there, to bitch slap da-fuck outta them assholes. 🙂

      1. Just like good muslims don’t give a shit about terrorists, good black people don’t give a shit about hoodrats. So the good enjoys the gifts of white society, while thr hooligans with negative energy keeps creating chaos and tries to bring the white man down, sometimes recruiting members from the “good” store.

  4. If we have unity, the elite would have lost. Maybe in a few generations from now black vs everyone else will be no more, but in my life time too much money is being made from hate to ever go away ie. Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter. So the majority of blackies will hate and will be hated, I’d say bury all the hypocritical, illiterate primates who are only a burden to society

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