Bitch Twitches After Smack Over Head with Piece of Wood

Bitch Twitches After Smack Over Head with Piece of Wood
Bitch Twitches After Smack Over Head with Piece of Wood

Video from Brazil shows a group of guys punishing a girl over some pictures she recorded and published on the internet. Their goal was to only punish her, not kill her, but managed to smack her hard enough over the noggin to send her into spastic twitches.

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    1. Looks like she shoved off right in the end of the video, if not, the next time she falls asleep, she likely will never wake up. The seizure was strong enough to break her neck. Damn.

    1. Agreed. They have no problem with allowing our country to be over ridden by complete filth. It’s disgusting. They would basically choose allowing filth to be housed and take out jobs over their children being as safe as possible. That surely makes a hell of a lot of sense.

  1. “C’mon baaeeeby!..lets do tha twitch!..n it gone like this^v^v^”
    Yes u stoopid mudshits u cracked gollywog’s skull yep that kills ya ignorant jackass scum
    All aid to Jew ghettoed areas should be just galvanise pipe an 4×4 tenderizer let mud slaughter & killout mud then recolonize/getrify with Actual human being stock…reverse the abomination & havoc zio-spawn of satan have pissed on the world.

  2. Well. Once you fractured her skull, Her phuckin Brain will bleed and Expand. ….. Being around a bunch of head Trauma doctors. …. All my Smart Money is on. …. (you guessed it) She’s Dead.

  3. It was the devastating hammer fists that did it. You guys didn’t see her put the “Super Duper Shock Absorbing Pad” (Made by Under Armor) on her head prior to the knock on the noggin. And besides, I think she was faking anyway, you know how dramatic them Brazilian chicks can be – I see an Oscar coming her way!

    1. Maybe 😀
      I’m still laughing… nice comment.
      I think she died for using all her super actor abillitys like a super hero star in action using her great prowers with lifesorce and stuff you know? Instead oft: ” Oh no… i used up all my lifespan!”
      This: “Twitch Twitch!!! I’m a stupid… Bitch, Bitch!”

  4. So what exactly did these fucking idiots think was going to happen when you knock someone square on the head full force with a 2×4? Animals.
    And why on this site/BG, is a man a man, and a woman is a bitch (or any other expletive)? I still don’t understand why the sexism here.

      1. But I’m not a retarded nigger and that would have been much worse. But don’t feel personally insulted my little nigger friend. I don’t have anything against monkeys in the jungle. It is only when they pour out of the jungle like an never ending shit-storm I feel a bit concerned.

  5. Doesn’t matter what country she is from, she didn’t deserve this. She didn’t ask to be in the skin she was born with. Why the disgusting hate? People who think this is funny, you’re sick. I hope those men are persecuted, just like if someone assaulted one of your blond haired little girls, you want justice. Same applies here.

    1. You miss the point of your own little PC-essay. In the video above both the perpetrators and victim are niggers. When blond haired little girls in the west gets assaulted – the perpetrator in 9 times of 10 is a nigger or a Arab sandnigger version. This is not a racist assumption, the words you are looking for are “statistics” or “reality”.

  6. Well…….that was no 4×4, that was a MF log. Bitch slapped by several men, and whose the Bitch? This is not funny, it’s sad. Those are the kind of people seeking asylum here in the US, & we need to lift sanctions? Fuck that, fuck this and fuck y’all racist MF that think any part of this is funny. Go back to watching your child porn, blazin & jacking off. I do give her props for not peeing her pants though.

  7. I am very sorry about what happened to this young lady. My heart was made sad. One day every one ever born upon the face of this earth will indeed give an account before God. Not one person on this earth is able to over power the mighty hand of God. Every thing wicked and hidden shall be revealed. If it were not for his Mercy and Grace we would all be in hell. But Jesus died so that we can all have life. No hate, smart remarks, murder or mockery of any kind will escape God’s judgement. For you can rest assured that death is coming. Repent Now! For no-one will escape damnation. My Prayer is that you all will be saved. Curse and Mock if you will, but one-day we will all take our last breath.

  8. I’m English, and because we are a highly civilised nation we hardly ever see the brutality or endemic violence which runs rampant in Brazil. Owing to the magnificent hospitality of my native shores I wondered, when the Girl began twitching, if the assailants would now be panicking like they would be if this happened in England, but then I remembered this is brazil and they probably won’t give one solitary fuck if this girl lives or dies anyway so panicking is probably not on their agenda at all.

    It’s so sad that a country with such incredible culture and beauty as Brazil is tormented with the shocking absence of any form of value or concern for the lives of others.

  9. I would normally say hell yea look at dem tatas, the mamories.

    Except she’s a nigger. So she’s devoid of sexy in any form.

    The only thing she’s got is putrid smelling hair (which is the equivalent to pubic hair on us white guys) with dingleberries attached.
    And that stench would still smell better than any nigger out there. I think niggers literally sweat poop vapers from their pores which is why showering, applying baby powder or deodorant and cologne over their wretched stench (which is called funk) can’t do anything to get rid of the stench.

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