CCTV Video of Bank Robbery in Karachi, Pakistan

CCTV Video of Bank Robbery in Karachi, Pakistan
CCTV Video of Bank Robbery in Karachi, Pakistan

CCTV video from inside a bank in Karachi, Pakistan, shows a group of men pulling off an armed robbery.

15 thoughts on “CCTV Video of Bank Robbery in Karachi, Pakistan”

  1. First of all those bank robbers should have more respect for the man trying to doze off on the couch in bank hall! Secondly, this is surely an inside job since one of the guards happened to leave the bank and go out the moment they entered the hall! Thirdly I did not see any money leaving the bank, so no harm was done! Or this might be just practice drill for a future heist!

  2. This looked like a side show at the damn circus! These guys had no clue what the hell they were doing! And it took FIVE of them to try and pull this off? It does seem kind of fishy that the one police man looked over at the last 2 guys that entered and he just happened to leave RIGHT BEFORE their grand stand? How did he not hear or see anything and come back inside to help take them out? Just seems VERY suspicious if you ask me!…

  3. That was Hilarious., he picks up a couple bags off the ground leaves the rest on the ground. Then keeps walking back and forth like he forgot protocol and didn’t know what to do next. Now that’s funny.

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