Chest Slashed Open, Heart and Lungs Exposed

Chest Slashed Open, Heart and Lungs Exposed
Chest Slashed Open, Heart and Lungs Exposed

Video from undisclosed location shows a man with huge chest wound on a hospital bed. His heart and lungs are exposed through the slash across the chest.

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    1. there ALWAYS has to be at least one asshole that comments with give him a bla bla blah and some yadda and he’ll be fine.

      Its been reused one too many times. Even when that meme or whatever you call was said for the very first time it still was stupid.
      Im sorry i just really fucking hate that there’s always a YOU in almost all the comments from every other video on here.

  1. How the fuck could that have happened? I mean it looks like it was done surgically, but obviously wasnt. Also my anatomy 101 knowledge is confounded. I thought it was suction action of the diaphram that worked lungs. Maybe hes being respirated.

    Any background into, plz?

    1. Mechanical respiration, also this unlucky fella is being harvested I think as no injury in the world can cut from armpit to armpit across the center of the chest (with surgical precision) but leave your heart and lungs perfectly intact.

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