Rodney James Hess Live Streams on Facebook his Own Murder by Crockett County Police

Rodney James Hess Live Streams on Facebook his Own Murder by Crockett County Police
Rodney James Hess Live Streams on Facebook his Own Murder by Crockett County Police

A 36 year old Louisiana man named Rodney Hess was murdered in cold blood by a Crockett County sheriff’s deputy near the town of Alamo in Tennessee on Thursday, March 16, 2017. The victim streamed his own murder live on Facebook.

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    1. No shit! Hep me! hep me! da po po don be get me. Poor little innocent Futard! This racist shit is getting on my last white nerve. Don’t get your panties in a wad. Cop gonna protect his or her own life and rightfully so. When a cop say drop the knife or drop the gun – they aren’t playin’. Is that so damn hard to understand??!!!

  1. Mark here you go again saying- Murdered by Police’. Either you are just trying to illicit a response or hate police (but when you seriously need help you will call the police, and want the law on your side) First of all there is a 20 minute video, you only give us 1 minute or so. Next this person intentionally blocked a off ramp to a major highway. For 20 minutes he was moving all over the place in his vehicle, and even got in and out of his vehicle a number of times in the middle of the road. He refused commands repeated by the officers. He then moves his vehicle ( a deadly weapon ) and tries to hit officers. One officer shots at his vehicle justifiably so under the law. The suspect continues to drive and crashes. To Mark or anyone else that says there anti law, I was in the military and lived in a number of foreign countries. I’ve seen where there is no law, and no law enforcement, and evil always rules. If you experience this you will be greatful and thankful for this country and it’s law enforcement officers!

    1. Now I understand you much better. You are an ex-military man and that’s why you stopped thinking for yourself years ago. Military people are soulless biological robots who do what they are told to do. Going around the world creating havoc and killing children, women and men. You people are murderers, no more no less.

      1. Thanks Alberto Not saying I am perfect or I would not be on this site joking about the posts many times. There are a lot of people that are hypocrites out there that will say- I hate America, the law,the military etc. But they lived​ in one of many foreign countries/areas of the world were there are no laws or military to protect them or there friends or family and evil rules the land, these same people are the very first ones that will beg and plead for the law and military to protect them. It’s real easy to speak words with your mouth and posts but faced with the real life and death situation you will say and do differently! Everyone always does. Hope that these people never are placed in these situations, but you may have to find out the hard way that believing lies and lying to your self can cost you your life!

        1. Did you get mentally disabled during service or are you born this way? You are not some noble hero fighting evil. You where a part of evil and not much better than a mob hit man or some other “evil doers”. US-army is the iron fist of an oppressive parasite that sucks the lifeblood out of everybody else. US government and it’s company’s are behind the arrested development in those countries your served. The lawlessness and misery is thanks to the evil you have helped to preserve. USA loves unstable and violent countries because they are so easy to control and plunder. Look at Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan all of South America and all other places where USA have had it’s greedy and lethal fingers of death. You are an oblivious evil fuck with zero understanding of your own part of evil. This is why many veterans eat a bullet, because they finally understand what they have done and what they really are. Fuck you Robert the robot.

  2. It has gotten to the point that guns are drawn on routine traffic stops. I’ve seen it happen and experienced it. This is not to say that ALL cops are bad, but quite a few a trigger happy bastards that know they will most likely only lose their job for murder.

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