Elderly Man Calls 911, Dies from Head Injuries After Being Tased

Elderly Man Calls 911, Dies from Head Injuries After Being Tased
Elderly Man Calls 911, Dies from Head Injuries After Being Tased

There is an old man with a cell phone and his hands up. He posed no threat and contacted the police himself. They showed up and executed him on the spot like a hit squad that they are. The fact that nothing will be done about this makes one feel truly helpless. Life in a police state is bull.

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  1. What the actual fuck ‘Murica… That whore shd be impaled with a rusty piece of iron. Then healed. Then impaled. Then healed. Then impaled again.
    Like if that poor old fuck was an actual threat… You watch too many movies ‘Murica. Rott in hell, you disgusting stinky rotten country, along with your ‘freedom’ and your insanity…

      1. Brazil venesuela and murica are all shit.Btw I live in South Florida.you ain’t seen nothing till you come to Overtown,Miami,Florida.people are wild animals here.and EVERYONE does heroin.And here old ladies will sell you a crack rock or shoot you.people answer the door with shotguns.seriously we are far from free.

  2. “Oh! Just do as youre told, cops have a tough job and they need to go home to their fat wives to cry about the mean people they have to kill. If you (or your dad) has to die so some blue boy can feel (((safe))) than so be it!

  3. Cops are justified because they “fear for their own well being”. Self defense should work both ways. If a cop pulls a gun over dumb shit like this, the civilians should be able to do the same.

    1. Well said. Cops are full of “wanting to come back home to their families”. But what about citizens they execute? Do they not also want, an should they also not have the right to come back home to their families?

    2. I think citizens have the legal right to resist an un-justified arrest in some states, but that is probably real hard to prove since cops always have the interpretative prerogative. If you don’t comply they kill you, as simple as that.

      1. In all states, we have that right. That’s why we have guns written into our constitution to fight against our government or police, to start another revolutionary war.

  4. POPS was full of shit. …. Old nigga was a Threat to DEATH. …. 1 leg in the Graveyard and 1 on a Banana Peel. …. The Bitch Tazed him because she was Jealous of his Retirement Pension.

  5. If you do some research you will find that the guy was unstable. The officer did the right thing by stunning him (she couldve shot him). It’s unfortunate and just plain bad luck that the old geezer hit his head so bad that he would die 8 days later on the way down.

    1. Old an unstable they could have given it a little more time to resolve the situation. The cops arrived and a couple of second later the old mans head hit the concrete. This is bad police work. Period.

      1. On a serious note. …. I agree 100%. ….. They knew he couldn’t get down. ….. If he has no gun. …. He’s a ZERO threat. …… Terrible Judgement call.

        1. Exactly. And as a cop (in a perfect world) you should respect the citizen who pays your salary and as a human being you should always have some respect for the elderly and crippled.

    2. I did some research and the police failed to mention his disability in affidavit presented to the Grand Jury. Also, at the time his lawsuit was filed, the Austin Police Dept. managed to achieve its’ 8th In-custody death for that year. The police weren’t respectful to the man, at his home, on his property. They didn’t ask questions or talk in polite conversation as most normal people do with each other every day to resolve issues. No, they came and barked orders at him no different than a Robber of a bank to a Teller to obey his commands. Since when did being so called “unstable” warrant a death sentence? Did you notice his white-hair? Tell me, what elderly person do know whose chances of instability aren’t increased with age and feebleness along with it? What does it take to flip on the switch to the light bulb in your head? Do you really believe that governments (of any sort) have your best interest at heart or theirs? Do you truly think that police are the there to protect and serve you (the Citizen) or their pay check? I don’t understand the lack of common sense in the reasoning process in your mind, is it that you are unable to think for yourself or rather have everybody else do your thinking for you?

  6. The officer tells him get down on the ground. The man replies- I can’t I am physically disabled. Ok you walked out to the drive way, you are standing up, you moving your arms around, you are able to speak. Its hard to believe he could have not slowly moved himself to the ground!! The female officer came in over emotional, after the male officer calmed down the situation. Unless he had some type of weapon they probably could have waited for a third officer to arrive and sneak up behind him and slowly take him down. I don’t believe this situation warranted immediate action such as others do.

    1. I know Goran, the real problem with this shit is that there isn’t a judge in America who’ll cross the Blue Line either. The whole system is corrupt from top to bottom. This country has become a Banana Republic and everybody is either in denial, feels helpless, suffers from Stockholm Syndrome or all three.

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