Man Saves Dazzled Car Crash Victim

Man Saves Dazzled Car Crash Victim
Man Saves Dazzled Car Crash Victim

Video from undisclosed location shows a man pulling a guy out of a crashed, overturned and burning vehicle.

15 thoughts on “Man Saves Dazzled Car Crash Victim”

  1. It’s OFFICAL. ….. THE WORLD IS FUCKED UP! Humanity is at it’s lowest point. …… The ” Good Samaritan ” start’s his phone on Video (not calling 911 first but to record the carnage) then yells to some other Prick to call 911 like he’s The Fire Marshall of the Phuckin town. …. OK. ….. SMH. … Speed Racer won’t get Excused neither. …. His SPICK ass was probably cursing out his whore on the cellphone while driving 85mph in a 35 mph zone trying to get to her Sperm breath for sucking off the neighbor.

  2. I dont see the relevance at 0:37 of the individual to the left of the burning vehicle just stood there out of shot and puffing heavily on their E-Cig? Couldnt they have assisted?

  3. Would have be better watching if after douche#1 set his camera up, that he just ran over and pointed and laughed at douche#2 while he baked in his tricked out Escort… Come on man, I swear, people only think of themselves most of the time.

  4. This reality is so much fucked-up it almost seems fake.
    I guess it’s like KRAZYKEV said and theres a philosofical question in this.
    People are fucked in the head about media and social media, and this is not going to end well.
    Heads got to roll. Bloode has to run.

  5. The guy that pulled him out of the vehicle, along with the guy with the fire extinguisher have both been arrested and charged with aiding and abetting a rescue. They have been sent to prison to have rebar and broom sticks shoved up there rectums until they die. Nice to see justice served!

  6. The reason he recorded it is so he could show the police or the court. You’d be surprised how many assholes try to sue people for helping them. Let’s say he pulled the guy out and the guy got cut by a piece of glass, the dude who was in the wreck could sue his savior. The dude who saved him was actually being smart.

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