Video of Easter Sunday Killing Broadcast Live on Facebook from Cleveland

Video of Easter Sunday Killing Broadcast Live on Facebook from Cleveland
Video of Easter Sunday Killing Broadcast Live on Facebook from Cleveland

On April 16th 2017, Steve Stephens of Cleveland, Ohio broadcasted himself on Facebook Live killing a random elderly man on a street.

Before the murder, Stevie Steve says “find me somebody that I’m about to kill.” He then walks up to the elderly man and tells him what is about to happen to him is because of “Joy Lane.

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    1. The cops would have found him already if he was white. But remember black lives matter! ( even if you killed other blacks ). They may know where he is but they want to take him peacefully if not the Cleveland police force will be accused of police brutality by the liberal media and brain wash others into believing their lies!

      1. I bet you any money he is a drug head too who is a wife beater, retards like him all are. Fucking shooting old people because they cannot fight back, all because your whore is a whore. What a pussy

  1. I know America has a bad reputation of shooting everything with a pulse. Well pulse optional. But I hope someone posts the video of Cleveland PD riddling this man lead.

  2. Yet another black on (truly innocent) black crime. But somehow they’ll find a way to protest/riot against the cracker ass crackers once again. Blame the honkeys!
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  3. Dude might as well kill himself. ….. The CONVICTS are gonna DISRESPECT him once he goes to Prison for EVERYDAY he’s Living inside the SHITHOLE. …… Babies, Women and Elderly. ….. Is a Cardinal sin in THE PENITENTIARY. ….. Good Luck FAT BOY! You’re in BIG TROUBLE! …. FAT GAY SUGE KNIGHT JR. LOOKING BITCH.

  4. Something seems a bit off with the shooting video to me, with the camera pulling away at the time of the shot to the old guy collapsing so quick to the colour of the blood and amount. I’ve seen enough shootings especially on this site to know it just don’t go down like that!

    1. I know what you mean. I can only assume that he spun around to avoid being splattered by blood, or out of sheer cowardice.
      However, the blood does look too light, of too much in volume, and his motionless body is slightly suspect given that I have seen bodies ‘tensing up’ after being shot, even in the head. We see no agonal breathing and no ‘stretching out’ of the arms or legs.
      On the contrary, the actions of the victim and perpetrator do seem legitimate given the scenario; you can see the elderly man look down, presumably at the handgun as it is unconcealed, and start to panic. If you listen, you can hear the rattle of the fence as his body brushes it when he falls and also if you look at the shadow of the shooter as he is walking back to his car, it seems as if he is checking his hands and arms for blood splatter. All these are subconcious actions.
      Would it be rational to assume, given the victim’s age, maybe he was on some kind of blood thinning medicine? That could explain the volume of blood we see.
      I am by no means qualified and stress that I am not in disagreement with your observations, but you must question the point of faking a murder such as this when it is well within someone’s means to carry out.

  5. Having niggers around reduces our liberties. Stuff like that justifies banning guns, raiding peoples homes and taking away your rights. Ban niggers instead.

  6. 1-kill shot & collapse all off-camera
    2-blood-splatter about as same from Halloween squirty-bottle
    3-‘Steve Stephens’ is about as corny a pseudonym imaginable…even negro not that falkn stupid
    ….Hoax Hoax n more Hoax
    Don’t you girls know the Jew & mudpets Yet!?

  7. Smh to the ones saying this video is fake. I’m going to tell all of you why it isn’t. After he gets shot, look at his pants near the crotch area. The man soiled his pants upon death, he’s dead.

  8. Poor old dude. A whole lifetime of memories snuffed out in a few seconds.
    The skin colour isn’t of importance’s here. He was elderly and defenseless. It is our job to protect our elder’s despite our bigotry or racism.
    A few years ago an elderly Dark Muslim man sort protection from me (A white christian infidel) because he was being harassed by another violent younger Muslim.
    My humanity gave me no option but to protect him.
    Unfortunately his family was too grateful and still bring food to me today, after Ramadan.
    Protecting their elder doesn’t mean I wish to be their friend or eat their food.
    They will never take ‘no’ for an answer, so I wind up having to throw their gift away each time once they leave.

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