Paraguayan Protester Rodrigo Quintana After Being Shot by Police in Asuncion

Paraguayan Protester Rodrigo Quintana After Being Shot by Police in Asuncion
Paraguayan Protester Rodrigo Quintana After Being Shot by Police in Asuncion

They propose that the superadduct be called Rodrigo Quintana
The councilman of Asuncion Julio Ullón (ANR) proposed by means of a draft that the newly inaugurated superadduction was officially named Rodrigo Quintana, in homage to the young man who lost his life during a police procedure, in the framework of the manifestations of citizenship against presidential re-election .

They want to be called Rodrigo Quintana. Photo: Kindness.

“I refer to the events that took place in defense of democracy, in which Rodrigo Quintana, 25, died at dawn on Saturday, April 1, when riot agents ran over the headquarters of the PLRA (Liberal Radical Authentic) Party. Same accused nine impacts of metallic shotgun shotguns, “says the draft that was presented to the Municipal Board of Asunción this Monday.

The text highlights that the young man came from his hometown, La Colmena (Paraguarí), to support citizens who were demonstrating against the violation of the National Constitution. But he was murdered in the PLRA, where he was together with a group of the Liberal Youth, all totally unarmed.

On March 31, in parallel to the public demonstration, the superadduct was being inaugurated at the intersection of Madame Lynch and Aviadores del Chaco avenues.

For all the above, the councilman asked to name the work as “Viaduct Rodrigo Quintana”, in memory of the young man cruelly murdered in defense of democracy.

The proposal will be discussed during the regular session this Wednesday at the Municipal Board of Asunción.

In one of the pillars was placed a memorial plaque of the young man killed last Friday in the headquarters of the Liberal Party, where he was exposed: “Viaduct Rodrigo Quintana, Murdered by the Police of President Horacio Cartes, fought against the unconstitutional amendment.” Hours later the plate was removed from the place.

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