Canadian Girl Beaten to Death by Two Teenage Girls in Manitoba

Canadian Girl Beaten to Death by Two Teenage Girls in Manitoba
Canadian Girl Beaten to Death by Two Teenage Girls in Manitoba

The body of 19 year old Serena McKay was found on Sunday April 23, 2017 in Sagkeeng First Nation, about 100km from Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada. Two teenage girls of 15 and 16 years respectively have been arrested and charged with second degree murder. Their names have not been released due to Canadian laws.

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    1. Oh they are gonna have a very good life where they headed alright! Plenty of sex, guaranteed income, guaranteed meals, guaranteed health plans and guaranteed retirement pension! Thank your liberal Canadian dorks for that!

    1. Regardless of what she did nobody deserves to get beaten to death. And personally the fact that you can say that she deserves it proves to me that you and these teenage girls that killed this poor girl are a waste of space.

    2. You have no heart , I doesn’t matter what she did , no one deserves to be beaten the way she was beaten , she was beaten to death . This all happened over some rumors and if you think she deserved to die like that then go to hell . She didn’t deserve to die like that .

      1. No one does? So if someone kills your whole family and someone starts to beat them to dead you are gonna say ” No no no one deserves it” im not saying that girl killed anyone or defending the peices of shit who killed her, but i do think that people can do horrible things to get beaten to death

        1. Why are you going so far off topic? The topic is this poor young girl being beat two malicious cold Hearted teenage girls and you’re talking about a hypothetical situation Where somebody murders someone’s entire family?

    3. Yooo are you okay? No one deserves to get beat up like that and die regardless of what they did. First of all, if they wanted to fight maybe they should if some one and one instead of jumping her like they did. Second of all she wasn’t fighting back and said sorry multiple times anyone with the right mind wouldn’t have continued to hit her like they did. It doesn’t matter what she did no one deserves to die.

    4. The fact that you would say something like that disgust me but I’ll tel you this what goes around comes around let’s just hope you ain’t got no kids or family members cause it would be sad to see one of your family members go down like that !!!! No one deserves that watching this video is straight disgusting and one of these girls has a kid sad sad sad I can tell she was worthless the moment obviously they posted this on social media !!!!!!!

    5. Why are you calling this young child a fat bitch? She was someones baby. You dont know what happened so keep your evil thoughts to yourself and have some respect for the deceased. Bitch.

  1. It look like there was, at least, a third and even a fourth person who participate to this murder! Have you heard the boys or men voices in the background, cause we can actually hear two??? Are they trying to stop them?….NAHHHH! It sounds very familiar to a Complicity in murder. Why then there are only two girls arrested? When donuts take advantage over police investigations, no truth is disclosed … no justice is rendered! Hello OFFICER, we can even see one more pair of shoes in the video!

  2. Don’t you see that the murderers are still underage ? They are teenagers. They’ll be out of jail very soon due to the Canadian laws that prevent underage murderers being prosecuted. They should get a death penalty or capital punishment. Eye for an eye. Fuck the Canadian laws. If I was her parent I would go after them and get a revenge

    1. U r 100% right, if they have done this as teenage girls , they will do worst when they become adults .. freaky .. I can only imagine if they have their own babies and that baby upset them.

  3. I’ll personally fuck up any drugged up Teens who think theyr cool and all the rest of it ,,in like two seconds ,,,wen I come across them,,,,,,,,,I’ll fuck up these cowards,,,,,zero tolerance

  4. “I don’t want to see her alive”. That’s called premeditation here. Also called “capitol murder” here. How in the fuck are they calling this “2nd degree”?????? Must be a serious lack of oxygen up there. If it were my child on the ground an I saw this, it’d be MY trial coming up. Not those sorry bitches.

    1. Who knows if if will be moved up to first degree and it could be dropped to man slaughter charges . At the time of the arrest they had enough evidence to charge them with second. So no we have plenty of oxygen here. But they have to fallow protocol and the law in order to arrest them with enough evidence to be charged with so if people want justice their going to have to be patient and allow them to their jobs right . Most cases like this turn out to be not much punishment because the cops ending up screwing up something or not conducting the investigatio properally. This is a very sad incident for all three young girls and family who are dealing with this each girl has a mother and who are all in shock and hurt. There’s no excuse for this action but do to drugs and alcohol and rage will do this to anyone.

      1. I hear you some part but honestly no sympathy to the 2 girls let their mamas hurt at least their moms get to see them breathing and have visits Serena’s mom will never get that again these 2 young girls deserve everything coming to them !

      2. I have NO sympathy for those brats, and as far as the parents are concerned, the dead girl has parents too and their childs murder is splashed all over the internet. Investigation or not, surely the police there have seen this video. NO REASON whatsoever to not up the charges and try those bitches as adults. I can’t even give the tiniest crap that they were drunk either. Charge them for underage drinking too. It’s sad that so many lives have been ruined by something like this but one life was taken. Why should those who took it be given any more of an opportunity at life than they gave their victim?

      3. Totally agree with u .. although I wish they get the worst punishment but I can’t imagine how their family are suffering , not the mention the victim’s family .. even if anybody has to see their child dying the only thing they wish for is that they don’t suffer while dying .. as you said drug, alcohol, and lack of supervision is the main problem , hope their families won’t suffer much

    1. Your a dummy. Anyone is that position would say anything to get them to stop. She young it could have been over anything even a dumb boy but who knows. And there was no gang girls involved in this . Just two lost little girls who don’t know the magnitude of what they done at the time . And no matter no little girls should be beating anyone to death and to record it. Blame the parents of the two young girls who are being charged. It them who failed them. And the young women who last have respect you big dummy sure shows your mind in not far from these girls . Get a clue

    2. So cuz she is “fat” and “dying” would say anything to stop it .. then she should be killed !? Somebody should watch over you since you have this dark freaky side of you

  5. I’m thinking drugs her. She says ” If you send anyone after me, I will fucking kill you- This shows paranoia, very common to think people are after you ( just with weed alone) if we’re talking mushrooms, or LSD much much worse. Second- A fairly small girl hitting some​ one in the face and head so many times her hand could easily have been broken with one hit, but keeps on hitting her. You don’t feel pain, once again weed alone. And the video starts when she has already been beating pretty bad already. And as always could be over some boy.

    1. More likely alcohol… on psychedelic drugs you dont go around and kill people. More likely the opposite, but the goverment told you that those drugs make everyone go into a kill frenzy so it must be right, right? Dont bother educating yourself, you’re not supposed to, thats what the guy in the TV is for. Just listen to him, he would never lie to you.

      1. People drink not everyone drinker is a murder and yes drugs can do that . Meth can cause psychotic break downs . And what does the government have to with this. I’m sure not veryones reaction to each drug isnt the same . I think you need to be more educated.

      2. There have been many documented cases in many countries where psychedelic drugs have cause people to commit assault, murder, and suicide. This has happened from the 1960’s to today. Do your research from multiple sources before you post comments spreading false information!

    1. Truly sorry for your loss. I would hate to see a loved one tortured and killed.
      Does it bother you that the video is on this site for everyone to see and comment on? I don’t know how I would feel reading some of the posts made on these sites.

    2. Sorry for your loss , hope they will get what they deserve , even if they won’t get it by law , one day they will feel what she did in another way

    3. I’m so sorry for your loss. This has left me heartbroken. I wish to God I could have been there to stop them. And I read a neighbor heard the noise but didn’t call police. So wrong.

    4. twc,that is very sad what happened to your cousin,she didnt deserve to die like that,those two girls that attacked her they deserve to spend a lot time prison for such a vicous attack,may she R.I.P

  6. Oy vey! There is more to thi story than meets the eye, goyim! The two teenage girls arrested were Jewish and fatty was a holocaust denier who refused to acknowledge the six trillion! At least that is the story around the Synagogue.

    Rabi Hirschel Lieberman-Bergblattstein

    1. Our rabbi at Shalom Temple of Tikum Olam said that he heard first second and third hand that the obese shiska had said that the she was glad that the two jewish girls grandparents went to the gas chambers when they were 6 years old. No crime was committed here and I fully expect the state of Israel to demand their release.

  7. Oy vey, Dr.Shecklesberg had conducted the autopsy and seen that no ill intent had occurred due to the fact she had forgotten the 6 gorillian. Nothing to see here goys, besides- Justin Truedue says if your enemies kill you, you win.

    Don’t forget the 6 gorillian Jews goyim.
    V.C. Shlomo “Sheckel hunter” Fickelstiener

      1. Then go ahead and hold a gun and kill them all , start with ur own family I guess !!!!!!! You are psycho there is a place for ppl like you to be held in

      2. Hope you get fat one day Ebola Blanket,or have fat children,just some times there is a medical condition that you cant help being over weight,people like you should not be so mean,over weight people have feelings,dont judge

  8. These girls are animals and belong in jail. I hope this poor girl gets justice because this is seriously sad and disgusting. I wish I could know what type of shit these idiots were thinking when she was unresponsive and becoming unrecognizable and they continued to beating her… this brought me to tears. Even in the street world there is no props or credit given if you win a fight by jumping…. these little bitches wack as fuck.

  9. holy fuck id feed those fucking dark evil canadian bitches to the sharks. tie up both of them and all who were involved with the taping and beating and tie them up to a rope drag their asses in the water by boat after they get their ass beat and all bloodied and set in the water beat n bloodied like a piece of chum waiting to get a big ass fat great white shark to munch on these fuckers slowly chunk by chunk. over a fucking rumor wow those cunts need ahead check. drop their asses off in fuckin mexico have them deal with the cartels down there with no one to help them. or drop them off in the jungles and wilderness of brazil and Bolivia theyd get slow deaths for surely can die many ways on land or water . i feel for this girls family why couldnt this have been a regular like 10 minute 1 on 1 fight then just leave it at that and settle their differences. dont fucking jump her n kill her. hope all the demons in hell fuck those girls like a blow up doll.

  10. There’s a group on Facebook that encourages the harassment of both Lynnaes and Cals families and all I have to say is wtf is this proving? Honestly, neither are getting those messages. That group is a hate group and guess what? The people you’re hating on? They aren’t getting your messages. Jesus Christ, why don’t you get the address to Lynne and Chrissy? Dumbasses. Lmao

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