Driver Runs Over Protesting Students in Guatemala City

Driver Runs Over Protesting Students in Guatemala City
Driver Runs Over Protesting Students in Guatemala City

Earlier today, a Honda driver ran over a group of students protesting in Guatemala City.

14 thoughts on “Driver Runs Over Protesting Students in Guatemala City”

  1. Looks like Niko Rosberg drove off there with a nice fresh young student ass under the wheels. If he’s got anything about him he will have her chained up in his cellar now ready for some entertainment…

  2. It’s just like that scene from the Walking Dead where the zombies surround a car and they burn rubber with a bunch of them under the car and get away. Hate to see anyone get injured but if this happened in America to a bunch of the liberal communist Democrats protesters it would be hard to feel bad for them!

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  4. I almost understand how this driver feels but this is not on. I was caught up in a similar situation except, They were celebrating their football win and harassing and shaking cars that did not have their footy colors displaying. I was annoyed about being detained from my destination, but then some young punk ran onto my bonnet and jumped on my roof before disappearing into to crowed. That was over 20 years ago and I still Blood lust every time the sun hits the roof at a certain angle. It is my 1971 r/t charger. It’s my baby. 2 paint jobs and $20 grand later, I’ve since replaced the bonnet and tried to get a competent panel beater to fix the roof correctly to no avail. A 1o grand paint job looks beautiful until the sun hits that crease just over the windscreen caused by some loser who took their football celebration too far.

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