Traffickers Cut Off Ears and Force Feed Them to Young Man

Traffickers Cut Off Ears and Force Feed Them to Young Man
Traffickers Cut Off Ears and Force Feed Them to Young Man

Video apparently from Brazil shows the alleged drug traffickers cutting off ears of a young man, and forcing him to feed on his own flesh and blood.

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    1. Hey Mystery. ……. So I guess SUNGLASSES are a NO GO? …. Again. He’ll just be saving money. …. Maybe he can go to Disneyland and get a ” Mickey Mouse Hat ” ….. At least they have EARS on them.

  1. There is another video where they slit his throat, try to decapitate him with an axe and then proceed to cut his stomach open and rip out his intestine. Cutting of his ears was the “soft part”.

  2. He’s saying “speak up for fucks sake will you, I’ll do what you want but you’ll have to shout a bit, im a bit mutton jeff now”…

  3. I’ve just seen the second vertically filmed video where they cut his guts out. I’m pretty hardened to all this stuff but I think the most disturbing thing was how compliant he was and how he didn’t make a sound while fully conscious and knowing what was coming. Talk about take it like a champ, but why? Fucking horrible how the killers were so cool about it and were laughing while disembowelling him.

      1. Joe you are Too Correct. ….. Brazil. ….. These Fuckers are not only BARBARIC, RUTHLESS, COLD HEARTED, UNFORGIVING, HEARTLESS but has ZERO CONCONSCIENCE! …… Dismemberment is taught at an Early age in the Favela’s, So the youngsters coming of age are actually hardcore seasoned veterans of this brutality. ….. We see it in the Prison videos. …. These guys actually think this action is Hilarious. ……. Just think in another 15 years how the Next generation will be. Kinda Frightening for locals. …. Fuck’em!

    1. Absolutely reaper. It’s brutal how this young man is treated here and eventually despatched. I’m sure you’ve noticed in this video that he appears to go into shock and disbelief. He seems to be hoping that the first ear amputation would satisfy their requirements… only to get the other removed also. In the final video (where he is executed and disembowelled), it looks like he has accepted his fate. Regardless of what the friction was between the guy and traffickers, I was really hoping it would be quick, but it obviously wasn’t.

      1. I was sorta hoping, after seeing how much of a boss he was as that first ear came off, that someone would have took that on board and realised he could be a credit to a gang if re-educated. I bet most of the friends of the cunts who did this to him couldn’t lose an ear without making a peep, I bet even they probably couldn’t. They just murdered a trooper!

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