Father Dares His Son to Shoot Himself, Son Does

Father Dares His Son to Shoot Himself, Son Does
Father Dares His Son to Shoot Himself, Son Does

CCTV video from undisclosed location shows an alleged father daring his son to kill himself with the gun he had laid on the table. The son picks up the gun and shoots himself in head.

31 thoughts on “Father Dares His Son to Shoot Himself, Son Does”

  1. Kudos to mom for grabbing the gun and getting it away from the father! Necessary or not (hopefully not) he was in shock and could have taken his own life or accidentally hers, that was quick thinking.

    1. Once again anything you post can not be believed! Because rabbits have fur not velvet! And rabbits rarely live into their teens! I will continue this campaign to weed out the deception!

  2. Mom dukes shoulda taken it and peeled pop’s cap back!!!! BITCH was throwing a tantrum after her son did it,why not throw a tantrum before,could’ve saved his life!!!!

          1. The little puppy humping my leg. I don’t understand why you are looking for a “thought-provoking” comment since nothing can provoke an empty head. But from now on I will try to ignore your nasty humping. Wish you good mental health.

  3. It’s hard to hear it clearly but it sounds like the man watching the CCTV says “o he’s been drinking alcohol, many cans already eh?”
    That’s his reply to whoever he’s talking to.
    This is Thailand

  4. The swift belt to the head by dad was pure instinct.made my year seeing that act of discipline after such careless and brutal parenting skills.decent

  5. Wtf are u guys talking about? U guys didn’t see the parents celebrating the fact they won the first round of Russian roulette with the lil’ shit?

  6. That kid didn’t hesitate and took the first ticket out of that shithole. What an idiotic father — dares his son to shoot himself and then when he actually does it he smacks his son in the head! That kid couldn’t get away from that idiot fast enough.

    1. This scenario was probably played out before, and dad thought it was funny to provoke another chicken dinner scenario., but Billy the kid had other plans.., by going out in style.

  7. Why are the mom & dad laying on their backs twitching on the ground after like they’ve been electrocuted? I could understand one of them doing it as a reaction but both? That’s strange.

  8. What a pair of fuck tards “here son I dare you..” bang.. i’ll jus hit you too jus cos I’m a spacka Q spazy fit time oh i’ll grab the gun jus in case someone thinks it’s our stupid dumbfuckness that’s caused this..WTF was even going though there head to do such a fuck tardish thing social services would have a field day with these two ass badgers..

  9. – The Dad didn’t dare him to shoot himself, he dared the son to shoot him.
    – Obviously, not literally, he was trying to be a tough father, something like that. As a joke.
    – He thought the son shot at him and missed or just fired the gun into the air, so he had to disarm him by hitting him as an instinct.


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