Man Without Ears Disemboweled After Partial Beheading

Man Without Ears Disemboweled After Partial Beheading
Man Without Ears Disemboweled After Partial Beheading

The guy who had his ears cut off in previous video is seen in this video getting disemboweled. The killers tried to behead him, but only got through the neck partially, so they opened up his gut.

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  1. This guy had it bad! First the ears, then the throat slit. He tried to resist and pushed the knife back. Why didn’t he resist when they went for the ears? Easy for me to say that just sitting here! Then the axe. Just done of course to create fear and intimidation.

    1. We had Freddy vs Jason. This is now Freddy vs Red Command. Freddy recruits Super Man and they both take out the Red Command and PCC. I’ve seen the trailer and it looks pretty good!

    2. But seriously. Horror movies have become fake as soft-porn compared to the real deal. Reality has become an endless splatter movie set on a loop.

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  3. Props to the dude for hanging in there. He was still clinching his hands when they opened up his stomach. Gross & awful. You know…….they always say they are thieves & rapists…….but who really knows? They could be priests, police or the tax man.

  4. U know they’d,,gona finish u,,,,,ur dead in any case,,,,y not try,,,,y not put up a fight,,,,was he drugged first,,,,,,,or was he paralysed with fear,,,,I feel sorry for him,,,,u can b the most fukd up underworld person on earth ,,but taking cowardly revenge in this manner on ones enemy is do in manly,,,,,,the fear the pleading for life the helplessness in that guys eyes,,,,,,,,,,,psychopaths are cowards only brave when they are in large numbers

    1. It takes a minute to bleed. Hollywood has completely misrepresented all of the processes that happen when a person’s body is shot, blugeoned, or hacked up…we are conditioned to expect blood to spray all over the place, when in reality it is much different. Blood only really does that when an artery or major vein is nicked.

  5. It’s amazing to me that there are people who are capable of doing things like this to other human beings. And the fact that homeboy just let it happen and offered up his bare neck like that…FUCK THAT SHIT. If anyone ever thinks they’re cutting my head off, they have another fucking thing coming because I’ll make sure they have to shoot me first. If I can’t fight them, then I’ll do my damnest to run…shoot me if you need to, but you’re not sinking that blade into my neck. Not while I’m conscious, no sir.

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