Man Caught in Machine on Which He Worked Gets Spun Multiple Times

Man Caught in Machine on Which He Worked Gets Spun Multiple Times
Man Caught in Machine on Which He Worked Gets Spun Multiple Times

CCTV video from a workplace in an undisclosed location shows a worker getting caught in a machine and then spun around multiple times. His useless coworkers pranced around but none could figure out how to stop the machine.

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  1. Did anyone receive any practice on what’s called the machine “On and Off” button or an emergency break switch?
    How stupid can those people be!

    1. Watch the video again, you can clearly see the victim pushing the button… again and again and again. Seriously tho, i think the dudes skull was smacking the machine control, the suspended box thing. Put some bactine on that!

      1. And the reason you’re on this watching atrocities and judging others’ comments is? Or did you forget what the Bible says about judging others?

        1. We are human still, we are still sinners, we still do those type of things because its in our nature, God knows that we will do these things because we are still living in this devil controlled world, and yeah we are upset to see people make jokes of stuff lile this, its sickening to see that, that yall have the mentality to do that.

    1. I doubt that very much. His head and face weren’t only slamming into that control block or whatever that was but he was also getting his head smashed on the floor which probably caused more damage since floors are stationary while the box might have a little leeway in it to be able to move it so imo didn’t do nearly as much damage as the floor. Either way im sure he’s dead. And for everyone saying look how bloody his torso is, i think a lot of the red we can see is part of the red shirt gre was wearing since it never flies or get gets ripped off of him.

    1. More like a funeral wheel! Actually they put my grandmother on one of those at her funeral per her request. See she was quite a drinker and curser even into her 80’s we all still loved, but she never received love well. This was her final act to show she never wanted love!

    1. Sher this song also entered my mind. Al I knew for sure it was not simple minds. But I had to look it up dead or alive. As a side not 90s rock band the spin doctors will be having a benefit concert!

  2. You guys are all wrong. ….. This is New Technology for WWE WRESTLING. ….. If you survive this BEATING you automatically get a 1 million dollar contract by Vince McMahon to become a Wrestler. …. This guy. ….. Was a TEST DUMMY. ….. He tried it for FREE!

  3. You folks are horrible. This poor guy was scared to death and probably died. Those of you who laughed at this are the reason conservatives won the house and senate and the White House. Because normal people are tired of the nastiness that comes from this nasty world. You guys have no morals, values or standards.

    1. Normal people have nothing too say or do on this site. And what the fuck is “normal”? The idiots who believes in shit like – Change – Yes We Can – Build The Wall – Make America Great Again – and all the other empty one liners. Democrats and Republicans are the opposite wings on a bird flying in one direction and if you don’t have the mental capacity too see through this – then you are not “normal”. It defines you as brain dead. So take your political correctness and fuck off.

    2. he sure did die from hitting his head so many times and carelessness is the reason. whenever your in a workplace that is dangerous like this or most trades, you need to be aware of your surroundings. and your conservative statement is so stupid i cant even answer that.

  4. Aaaaaah did you get your feelings hurt pb? Then Mabey this isn’t the website for you, I know go watch some tsunami videos on YouTube ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  5. That ride must have cost at least 4-5 tickets! I love how everyone else loses interest and just walks away and avoids the thing afterwards. I’m retired, but I hope I never have to work with wankstains like that!

  6. Am I a bad person for laughing out loud for almost 20 mins? Especially as they made it spin even faster and the guy kept slamming his head on that box above? πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Feel bad for the poor unlucky fucker, tho… :/

  7. Industrial accident videos like this scare the fuck out of me. Im a 2nd year machinist apprentice and the machine I’ve been running the past few months is way fucking bigger than the one in this video and tge breaks don’t work so when you hit the stop button it still keeps spinning until it’s discharged the rest of its momentum. The one I’m running now is called (VTL) VERTICAL TURRET LATHE. Not to mention i work midnights also and besides me there’s only 3 other guys on that shift so if i ever got into a bad situation they may not even be able to hear me yelling for help, or just might not be able to run all the way from the other side of the shop to get to me. I do run bar mills too which are also pretty fucking big, and i run regular lathes small and huge like my cock. I guess a few years ago on midnights an apprentice was doing a job on 5C, its one of 5 bar mills we have so we call it 5c but anyway he was cutting the inside of a gigantic (again like my cock) gear box mainly just having a gravy night just sitting there. But every now and then he’d reach out to knock the chips off the cutter or the gear box and eventually a really long chip (again..Cock) hooked on his arm and sliced the skin off his arm all the way up to his arm pits. Everyone said it basically looked like literally have of his arm had skin and the rest was just hanging off and his muscle was exposed over the entire wound. He tried hollering for help (not to stop the machine) to drive him to the er but nobody was in sight. Manager was upstairs sleeping (he still does that everynight now also) and the other guys were in the millwright area of the shop which was the opposite side of the building. So pretty much since then they said no headphones while working even though headphones had nothing to do with his accident. Idk how that wasnt already a rule but whatever.

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