Child Being Prepared for Organ Harvesting by Traffickers

Child Being Prepared for Organ Harvesting by Traffickers
Child Being Prepared for Organ Harvesting by Traffickers

Video apparently from Middle East appears to show human traffickers preparing a little girl for organ harvesting.

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      1. You only saw what I saw. A little girl being led into a room by two men being placed on a doctor’s bed with a metal sheet pan between her and the bed in a room full of body bags filled with dead guys and a video title: Child Being Prepared for Organ Harvest by Traffickers. But, you didn’t see what the title suggests happen in the video. It could also just as easily be surmised that they are in a war torn area and that girl was injured some how and needed a minor operation.

      1. comon hospitals, mostly in china, plus, iluminati are not a cult, in histoyry thwy where a group of scientist and artits that followed the path of science, that is why the church persecuted them

    1. I’m an American who was in the war and I can almost guarantee it was rich fucking American people…. let your child live it’s fat and don’t take another. This is horrible

      1. I think your right. Rich ass Americans. Human sex trafficking brings in $38 billion annual, right behind drug trafficking. Allegedly 70% of the of the children sold are to piece of shit Americans.

        1. Pill Cosby – its the upper 1% of the 1% satanic cunts who do this shit.

          Everything you enjoy and own outside of a grass hut was created and invented by whites. You should thank us.

        2. @Pill Cosby and the Roofies. so you’re mad about sex trafficking but yet you call yourself “Pill Cosby and the Roofies” which is a joke on someone who drugged and rapped women..

    1. Yes, I think so too. She had dust in her hair and she have probably been close to some explosion. So they have to X ray her for internal damage.
      I hope I’m right because the organ harvesting thing is pretty sick even for my standards.

    1. @Michael
      I hope it’s fake too!!! It’s definitely hard to imagine that some people are really killing childs to harvest organs. And you see, my little girl would look for me and scream ”baba” if she was so afraid. Even, if I wasn’t close to her… There are no existing punishment or torture enough cruel for someone that is found guilty of that kind of crime. I don’t know that little girl in the video and I can feel the killing frenzy that is growing inside me… just by thinking about what they are going to do. To all organs ”harvesters” living on earth : I wish you to get the kind of punishment that they serve in brazilian jails, so you get cutted, peeled, crushed, burned, castrated, dismembered, beheaded and raped…

      1. How so, would i be hard to imagine?
        If it’s a possibility for a terrible human to commit such a thing..
        It would more than likely happen.
        These are people without remorse, love in their hearts or a care in the world for another life.
        The child wouldn’t be excused from their behavior just for the fact of it being a child.

        Monsters are monsters.

        1. I think its fake, even though there are similar cases happening all over the world daily. The scene cutting in this video is really weird, the bags with the human “remains” look suspicious too. And even the fact that the guy recording this is holding his phone horizontal, is suspicious too, as if the traffickers doesnt care about being filmed while commiting one of the worst crimes. And the room where the girl is being placed on that “plate”… I just dont know… Looks all staged to me. I dont know anything about the medical aspect of organ transplantation, but lets say they want to “harvest” a kidney or liver or whatever they going to use and put it into some filthy grown up motherfucker, wouldnt the organs of this little girl be too small for a grown up? She looks like shes not older than 3 to me. Is there another part of the video? And the logo on top left corner? Maybe a “awareness” film.

    2. Dude. I was over there in iraq. To them it’s a sacraficial holy water and they believe this child is doing good. This is definitely real and happens every day and should be stopped. Kill adults, I don’t care…. this shit crosses a big line

  1. I saw this three days ago and I am having nightmares. My son is also about 3 1/2 years old and I anguish and my heart breaks when I see this child’s terrified face. It’s as if she knows shes going to die. This is by far the worst act of evil I have ever seen in my life. That poor little angel, I wish I was there to protect her. I pray that this is fake, but I have a feeling this is very real. How can we stop this? Is there a watch dog group or formal group of officials that are chartered to people doing these acts to justice?

  2. I used to come here for the reassurance that everyone dies. It always gave me a grim satisfaction that no matter what, it would end. However, this video just fills me with the sick certainty that humans really are nothing more than fleshy viruses.

  3. Not enough info or back story to verify this.

    We all know it happens, but until I see the organs harvested, its nothing more than a click bait video.

  4. They aren’t taking her organs, wtf kind of suggestion is that? It’s the Zionists and illuminatis that are making all those people suffer, raping women and children for their sick fucking gains. Stop fucking backing their system up and wake up people from this shit that you’re in; the end is near and we will all answer to God. Fear God and stop being cowards believing the devil and his followers.

    1. RoyalT ….. If you are willing to come to this site. ….. And grow a conscience and want to Preach the word of God. ….. Well, Let me put it to you this way. Go to your nearest bar and tell every Alcoholic to Put down their drinks cause you want to PREACH! …… If you’re successful. …… You did better there than you WILL EVER do here. …… I rest my case you Sympathetic PUSSY! ….. Now go back to fucking the Altar boy.

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  6. Oh and I’m not preaching you dumb bitch; I’m contesting the stupid title suggestion, the only known trafficking going on is in fucking China and fucling India.

  7. We can all thank satanists for THIS!

    We turned our back on Jesus and now we are going to face serious consequence.

    I can’t wait until He returns…. Even if I am not saved….this girl deserves love …. not this

  8. So there’s a terrified little girl getting ready to have her organs taken away from them and instead of doing something about it there like “let’s record how terrified this litte girl is”….. Okay

  9. No doubt another atrocity fueled by the band of roving dogs known as ISIS. An inept Army of Murderers, Rapists, Thieves, Social Misfits and Cowards that solidify their place in hell by torturing, and executing innocents. Yet, when they find themselves against American, Kurdish, and Russian warriors on the battlefield, they reach between there legs and can’t find their balls. Put 10 of these ISIS dogs in the same room without food for 3 days and they would eat each other. If I had my way, I would get 20 of them together, no weapons involved, and have them come at me two at a time, every 6 minutes to take my life. Smart money says after the first 4 – 5 get their tickets to hell stamped, the rest piss themselves and run like hell to find the rest of the pack, much like they are doing all over Iraq and Syria present day. This type of enemy has no power from within, nothing more than a cancer that will be stopped from spreading no matter how many times it shows up.

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