Mexican Worker Electrocuted on Rooftop of Business

Mexican Worker Electrocuted on Rooftop of Business
Mexican Worker Electrocuted on Rooftop of Business

Video from Saltillo in Mexico shows a worker who was fixing the roof of a business dead after being electrocuted when he touched the power line.

14 thoughts on “Mexican Worker Electrocuted on Rooftop of Business”

  1. Work related accidents are probably some of the most shitty to observe.

    A fellow bartender once sliced his fingers down to the bone (yes, the sinews and all were temporarily exposed and observable at least until the blood soaked rag) with a broken glass while using it to grab ice the wrong way. He always would do everything a bit too fast, otherwise he was very good at the job. A reward for hard work and making a single absent minded mistake.

  2. Actually, mexicans are humans too !

    Gibberish is coming from your fingers guys , darwin awards is just for all mandkind.

    Sadly this one wont qualify as he just wanted to suicide.

    You r not even funny exploiting other people death … heh try it.

    1. Actually this is typical of what I see of these “PEOPLE” on job sites everyday. They are either fucking around too much horse playing, not paying attention, don’t know what they are doing or a combination of all three. I’m not saying all of them, but most of them count as a majority.

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