Video Showing How Pillars Saved Many Lives in Times Square

Video Showing How Pillars Saved Many Lives in Times Square
Video Showing How Pillars Saved Many Lives in Times Square

Video released by Reuters shows the moment the vehicle of Richard Rojas was stopped by the pillars in Rimes Square, potentially saving many people from being killed.

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  1. Proof that cars are deadlier weapons than the heavily regulated pea shooters known as “small arms” which includes machine guns up to 20mm Vulcan (still a pea-shooter). In the hands of a competent truck driver terrorist a Semi-truck becomes a Killdozer capable of killing more people than a pound of military grade high explosives. Maybe all truck drivers should now be put on terrorist watch lists to complement the many achievements of multiculture nanny state.

    It is also possible the beanscout was a terrible driver, had a seizure while driving or drunk. One more reason not to jog, exercise or ride a bike on busy roads like an invincible spandex wearing moron.

  2. He is a US-Navy veteran, so the US-Army must attack the US-Navy or some US-Navy veteran hospital. I think the US-Navy have WMD:s and this is a good reason to start a war.

  3. I just listened to the news and they said he passed a breathalyzer. But that he admitted to smoking weed and hearing voices. I am not going to get in a debate about drugs/ alcohol but from personal experience mainly in the past. I one occasion I heard a voice what I believed to be a demon in my mind after loosining my inhibitions with a drug and numbing my mind to the point that it was able to enter me and speak things to me that only a creature such as a demon would know, mainly it spoke astonishingly about the universe. The wisdom it had was greater than anything I have ever read, seen, heard, or learned in any school or college, I was consumed by it’s knowledge and could not get enough! To make a long story short, I at least had some my mind left to come out of it and realize that is how demonic forces work- They will reel you in with a sense of joy, happiness, amazement etc. and once the got you to listen you may/will do anything. I knew if I kept going back I most likely would have committed suicide or murder!!

    1. But the main point is that you don’t have to do what those imaginary voices say. I don’t do what real voices say. I do what I want and ignore the sayings of insects in human form. I’m therefore a free and unhindered soul…

      1. Goran I know that many people have many different reactions to drugs and alcohol. I was just telling a true personal story about myself in the past. And I knew if I kept going deeper and deeper and gave up more of myself and my mind to this I believe demon eventually it would have led to suicide or murder. It’s easy for someone to say this would never happen to me. But under LSD, mushrooms, even weed, and hardcore antidepressants etc. This has and does happen. Once again I am speaking from personal experience.

        1. I wasn’t talking about you, I was speaking in generally terms. But I do know people are different. When I was younger I sometimes smoked some pot and sat there by myself and philosophized in depth on my own future death, and some other things of course. I know if you go in depth in somethings you can lose yourself, specially on drugs, if you don’t have what is necessary for what you are doing. Some people have it and some people don’t. Some people come close to the edge and others go all the way down in the abyss. And a lot of people can’t stay sane in a sick society.

        1. I can ignore every imaginary voice, except Morgan Freeman’s. I do what ever he say whenever he say it. I hope he doesn’t tell me to do something bad.

          1. That depends whether or not pleasing Morgan Freeman your first priority in life. If so, when Morgan Freeman tells you to jump it is better to obey before any possibility of thought can occur.

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