Aftermath of Motorcycle Accident – Young Man Twists and Tenses

Aftermath of Motorcycle Accident - Young Man Twists and Tenses
Aftermath of Motorcycle Accident - Young Man Twists and Tenses

Video from undisclosed location shows the aftermath of a motorcycle accident in which a young man hit his head and ended up twisting and tensing up.

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      1. GCS of 3 is lowest Glasgow level. This man is experiencing decerebrate posturing. It occurs wen the brainstem herniates through the foramen magnum due to incresed intracranial pressure secondary to head injury. The priapism or erection is from a spinal injury.

        1. GCS of 1 is no verbal, no eye movements, and no physical movement. Decereate(or extension) posturing is considered the worst of worst signs. Hollywood coma movies have created the notion that these people will one day open their eyes and be as good as new. This is likely someone who will remain on life support for the remainder of their life if they even survive. All along, family members at their bedside thinking they will soon awaken.

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