Indian Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Radio Tower

Indian Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Radio Tower
Indian Man Commits Suicide by Jumping from Radio Tower

Video from India shows a man committing suicide by jumping from a radio tower. The cameraman caught the landing and the bounce, and filmed the aftermath injuries.

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  1. Nice form! It just makes me wonder…As the ground is getting closer and closer, do these people rethink their decision and tell themselves, “Oh shit! This is going to hurt!”

    1. Lew- You just made me remember something. The golden gate bridge leads the nation in suicides and only one person has ever survived ( I believe it is two now ) and as they were falling down they kept saying I want to live, I actually listened to their story ( have a close relative that tried from a overpass and had the same thoughts) whether you believe in God and Satan or are a atheist or somewhere in between I really never met any one that does not believe in good and evil its all around us 24/7 you cannot deny this. This evil wants to see all humans dead at all costs. And in this case has driven this man to do this. Of all of the hundreds that died from the golden gate bridge probably many were yelling/ thinking on the way down I want to live and at the very same time the devil was laughing at them saying I got you I got you see you in hell!!!

      1. A friend of mine was quite depressed and he hanged himself. They found him with his hand inside the snare, trying to undo what he had done, but it was to late. He probably regretted his suicide it in his dying moment. I know of another young girl who hanged herself too. She had to lift her legs up to complete the hanging, and she did so without regret. I she would have changed her mind she could have put her legs to the ground. But I don’t understand people committing suicide. Life sometimes sucks, sometimes life sucks big-time, and other times life sucks all the time. But if you off yourself it’s over. Life is a journey towards death and I don’t understand the hurry. If you feel the need to take out your misery – do it on somebody else and kill them instead. Your life is precious – other peoples are not. Give me your email-address so I can bill you for this profound psychology lesson about life and death. Wish you all a good mental health, your fucking freaks.

        1. I’d destroy whatever is causing my problems before offing myself, already in don’t give a fuck mode, might as well take out a puppet master or two!

          1. This is the life and death approach I was talking about and a puppet master or two is an excellent choice, the more the merrier. You could advertise about a pedophile-party or some infant-sacrifice ritual, that would lure them like bees to a honey-trap.

          2. Like peeps who off themsleves because they haven’t got shekels. Why not go to a shekel farm and takes what you like? If the shekel gaurds come to shoot you — well, you were gonna do that anyway.

        2. From someone who tried it before and doesn’t intend to now – its very hard to comprehend from a standpoint of good mental health. When one attempts suicide, one has usually lost control of one’s life. It comes from a place of deep despair and hopelessness. There is also usually a perception of minimal support from friends and family.

        3. Goran your encouraging ppl to kill? Not cool. Nobody should ever kill or commit suicide. If your depressed watching this just remember that ppl do love you whether or not you know and nobody wants to see you suffer. I don’t

    2. I’ve read suicide studies……& hell yeh….they regretting it. This comes from people who survived serious suicide attempts. ‘I done fucked up’ basically. SAD

  2. ….. If he had YELLED ” Geronimo ” on the way down I would’ve scored it a PERFECT 10. But …. Before dying he did try to muster the strength to hold 1 of his eyes open with his hand and for that. … He get’s a Cool 9.

  3. At last. A jump video that captures the whole thing instead of having the interesting bit hidden by a bus. The cameraman gets higher marks for apparent difficulty than the jumper on this occasion.

    1. I was gonna say it M. P., but u got it first. I give a solid 10 to the cameraman on this one. Great fukn eye, great poise, excellent follow-through with the aftermath footage. Is this fukn guy hired or what!

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