Chinese Man Delivered Vicious Beating by Street Mob

Chinese Man Delivered Vicious Beating by Street Mob
Chinese Man Delivered Vicious Beating by Street Mob

Video apparently from China shows a man being delivered a vicious beating by a street mob. Looks like he was beaten to the brink of death.

23 thoughts on “Chinese Man Delivered Vicious Beating by Street Mob”

  1. And who are going to beath to death all those murderer… They are so fucking idiot to think they are better then him… whatever he did! I would understand and give respect to someone that seek vengeance (without asking the crowd) over a child raped or someone murdered. But all those mobs are just fucking criminals that should get (eye for an eye) beaten to death by other mobs wearing the best killer mob’s tool : SANDALS…

    1. Dan I understand what your saying but, at the end of the day we are all animals. Human beings are the most dangerous, sadistic, fucked up things to ever have walked the planet. However we think we are superior! Ha! What a joke!
      And watching this not knowing what he did makes you think what a bunch of animals… but what if he raped a little child… ????
      we are fucking crazy, just like them, it’s in our blood, not far from the surface!!!
      That’s what I think.

      1. Well… I think I was clear anough… Not knowing what he did does not make me think he doesn’t deserve to be sentenced to death. If so, I wouldn’t be watching videos on this website… I just meant that whatever he did, I wouldn’t need a fucking crowd to get my vengeance as those fucking loosers did!!! Honor, bravery, courage and vengeance are, in part, what distinguishes us from animals!

        1. Yes Dan your right they are thugs that need murdering/executing.
          My rant about animals was fueled by beer ha! But I do agree with my pissed up sob story.

  2. He took a real ass whippin. …. I hope whatever he did. …. It was worth it. …. When the doctors see his wounds that will giggle and say. … ” You took a Very serious AZZ KICKIN SON! “

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          God Bless you all!

          1. Alf – God Bless you my friend. And everybody donating more than 1000 $ will get a “get out of hell card”. Te Absolve…

    1. Rosar – I could even see you kicking and stomping, and I think you liked it. And LarryBarryGarry liked it too, because he knows he has been a bad boy. But he regrets his wrongdoings and have promised to better himself.

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