Motorcycle Accident in Aguaytía, Peru Leaves Three Youths Dead

Motorcycle Accident in Aguaytía, Peru Leaves Three Youths Dead
Motorcycle Accident in Aguaytía, Peru Leaves Three Youths Dead

Accident occurred in Km 155 Huacamayo sector.

Aguaytía 26 May.- At about 3.30 pm, a fatal traffic accident, a red linear motorcycle, was driven by a 13-year-old child, who crashed into a green 4×4 pickup truck of the B3S-902 plate That came from the city of Pucallpa, the tragic fact occurred in a curve of the Km 155 of the road Federico Basadre, in the sector Huacamayo.

According to the witnesses of the fact, it is that three minors were driving in a linear motorcycle to the village Porvenir, it is WTE (13) who would be driving the bike, J.J.A (12), J.M.A. (5), it was at the very moment that a van led by Espírito Campos Arteaga (58) struck heavily, leaving two children dead, leaving seriously wounded W.T.E (13), who was later taken to the Regional Hospital of Pucallpa. But he died in a few hours.

The driver of the truck is being detained for legal proceedings.

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12 thoughts on “Motorcycle Accident in Aguaytía, Peru Leaves Three Youths Dead”

    1. Poor lady should have not let her fuck trophies loose on a motorbike,my sympathies are with the truck driver who has to live with this even though he did fuck all wrong.
      The bitch screaming is doing my hangover no favours.

  1. So a 12,13,and 5 year old are on a bike,but the 58 year old is being charged……wtf…….she just crying,because food stamps,and disability is going to come to a sudden stop……now the curry will have to work for a living…….some1 said”poor lady”……shiiiiiiiiiittttt”poor old man”

    1. Not charged, they took a statement, he’s been released with no charges filed and rightly so.
      Indeed poor guy, has to live with this even though he did fuck all wrong.

  2. This is Heart-wrenching. ….. This lady will never be the same. … 36 yrs ago We lost my 19 yr old brother in a car accident. …. It took my mom MANY years to get over it. … My condolences to her family. ….. I’m sarcastic with fun comments. … When it comes to Kids. … I don’t have the sly comments unless it something real Stupid that they did or wanted.

        1. You picked up on that also huh Zako. Angry Son of a Bitch. … He probably just found out why his young son keeps wearing a MAIL BAG over his shoulder. ….. The MAILMAN is actually his son’s dad.

      1. Hey John. …. Take your MEDS. …. I understand “IF” she knew that having 3 kids on a Motorcycle was a HAZARD. But either way. She just lost 3 kids. You heartless Mutha Fucka. Gook or Not. …. I’m a Parent also.

        1. Parent to someone else’s kids maybe, triggered little puss wipe lol.
          Nasfg about her or her dead kids, but I bet you’d give her kids a fuck, dead or not you nonce cunt.
          This site, along with Bestgore, isn’t for cry baby fags like you, go watch The Ellen G show.

    1. Kev – It is unnatural for a parent to bury their kids, since it should be the other way around. And I think this thing is the hardest for the mother since the child have been a part of her for nine months. I don’t think they ever get over it, they just learn to cope with a harsh new reality. I’ve seen this first hand and she was never the same again.

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