Privileged Skank Keeps Pushing Her Luck Until Man Retaliates

Privileged Skank Keeps Pushing Her Luck Until Man Retaliates
Privileged Skank Keeps Pushing Her Luck Until Man Retaliates

Video from a Spanish speaking Latin American country shows a privileged skank hit a man maybe 30 to 40 times before he retaliates with a punch to the chin, denying her any further pussy pass. No white knight stepped in. Happy to see the world waking up and ending the tolerance of female on male violence.

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  1. Sorry but she fuckin deserved that. I’m a woman and if I smacked the shit out of sum guy I would expect him to eventually hit me back
    He took it well for long enough I’d have wiped the floor with her

      1. Not all of them but the most in today society. We need to start treating everyone equal today so in like 40-60 years there won’t be any more Privileged bitches and white knight cucks

    1. Sharnilist. ….. I was taught by my dad never to hit a woman. ….. Well dad died 11 yrs ago. He didn’t get the chance to see the way THIS society of women are now. ….. I had a Girlfriend that punched the shit out of me about 7 yrs ago. ….. I told her. That was FREE. … I Grabbed her by her throat and told her the next time I will let my reflexes go and the relationship is over. ….. Well about 6 months later she found herself knocked out on the carpet. …. It was over. …. Women are becoming RUTHLESS. I don’t play with NOBODY when it comes to my well-being.

      1. Totally agree KRAZYKEV I can fight and here in Glasgow most girls can fight but when I watch a girl kick fuck out a guy and he lets her do it I want to slap her about for him
        Youre gf deserved what she got ?. If we can lift our hands and hit just as hard as guys then we should be big enough to get it back
        Abuse is still abuse wen a female hits a guy but in this fucked up day and age females get away with it more ????
        I feel so bad for guys that are abused by their girlfriends and let it happen coz they think they shouldn’t hit a woman. Gaurintee put them on their arse and they’ll never try it again pmsl
        Fuckin think they get away with it coz they’re female ….

  2. My advice is never act like a gentlemen even the american society has always taught you to do so. I always carry a folding kerambit in my pocket. When a skank strike me, using the sharp tip of the kerambit I can block her fist. Then I will strike back with my lovely kerambit to her right eye then stab her neck one and half inch from the middle, once its in then scratch it deep to the left, hopefully it has severed the carotid, but certainly her windpipe. Then what … Run before the police catch me. Hahaha

      1. kerambits are good exercise for the masturbatory forearm muscles. That is what happens when you physically are afraid of women, the forearm muscles bulk up tremendously like Popeye allowing for proficiency in karambit use against females.

    1. My brain is literally a racists Quantum-Computer . Therefore, are the racist remarks you ask for to easy for me to compute. You are like a simple ape asking for an advanced scientific insult from Spock and trying to to compile them will harm my advanced racist transistors.

    2. @Hyper Sensitive Dickus. You are kind of funny in a sad way. On the African-mayhem video you did not with one word condemn the actual murder itself. Hell, you even made a couple of jokes about it. And then you read my red-line crossing “ape-comment” which forced you to react. This is a saddening sign of your inability to think outside of the limiting programing from above. The shitheads who are force-feeding us the political correctness bullshit are the same fucks who are killing white, yellow, brown and black people all around the world. And those fucks have programed you into reacting to words. Mission accomplished. Hurray *followed by a sarcastic little golf-applaud*

          1. Don’t feel envy my little underdeveloped friend. It’s not your fault your dad and mom was brother and sister. I can guide you a little way down the line, but don’t expect any miracles. We all have to play with the cards we are assigned and since you didn’t get a full hand, you are kind of fucked from the beginning. Wipe your tears of frustration and get rid of your envy and in this way your contained life could be less limited. Run along little fellow…

        1. No my friend, you are following your programing. You came up with accusations about racism and when I did a longer elaboration, you hide behind irony.

          1. Feels like trying to have a logical conversation with an illogical feminist. Dude, do you have a cunt?

  3. I don’t like making racist comments or bad woords . Usually the americans do that. I just strike and inflict so much damage thats all. In my collection at home I have a samurai wakizashi very sharp and expensive one. I have never used it, but I long I will if somebody entered my house and started to make trouble. Only bad woords are enough guys

    1. Fuck yeah. With the Wakizashi sword in one hand and your rubber-cunt in the other – you could become a perverted samurai. Chop’em and fuck’em in one single movement.

  4. That Flat-ass Spick bitch got what she asked for. …. Plain & Simple. …. After the first hit she would’ve been WARNED. ….. He’s a better man than me.

  5. Hmmm. My Spanish MAY be a little rusty … but this is what I got out of it: They were/are a couple (kind of obvious). The bitch in the video is pissed because the guy fingered some puta (cunt) named Teresa. Ack !!! The thought of it makes me sick. Blech. But yeah … she deserved getting nailed.

  6. All he had to do was restrain her and call the police, not stand there like punching bag lol. But I guess if hes shitty enough to cheat on someone than he rather have a fight.

  7. she fucking deserved that jab in the mouth but she took it on the chin tho and didnt drop lol them latino girls are build like brick shithouses well thats what we say here in the UK anyways lol

  8. all i have to say is…you don’t want to get hit like a man? then don’t hit a man! women talk about equal rights and shit. that’s great. but also too…you will get equal left’s as well if you hit me. i will ask you to stop. if you chose not to stop, guess what! my turn and hope your health insurance is paid up. because you will need it!

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