Teen Hanging with Girl Receives Serious Beat Down in Moscow, Russia

Teen Hanging Out with Girl Receives Serious Beat Down in Moscow, Russia
Teen Hanging Out with Girl Receives Serious Beat Down in Moscow, Russia

CCTV video from Moscow in Russia shows a guy beating, stomping and kicking the living crap out of a teenage boy who was hanging out with a girl and approached him.

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  1. Whites are Neanderthal, notice the apelike style of movement.. the Neanderthal was about to start crawling around on all fours and mount that female to copulate in a show of dominance. The Neanderthal also did not fully grasp the use of tools so resorts to stomping on his Neanderthal cousin.

  2. Looks like they were waiting at a ATM maybe? Don’t know the situation here, but if this is a stranger and he wanted to act cool for his girlfriend bad move putting your hands on him! Then the guy probably out of jealousy because he don’t have a girlfriend beat him up! In this situation I would tell the guy get your hands off me, if he did not I would just push him away. If he still proceeded I would fight if forced to. Once I saw he was on the ground and not getting up I would never kick him in the face! Drunk, on drugs, very angry, jealousy or a combination. But once again the guy should​ have never put his hands on him in the first place!

    1. I agree Rosar. ….. The Beating wasn’t Merited to this point. ….. Honestly, the Unwritten rule is. No hitting once the Victim is Knocked out. ….. This guy has to have ROID RAGE. …. I’ve personally witnessed a guy taking steroids go from, Being the Nicest easiest going Human being to being an Out of control Madman. …. Once his wife left him he lost his mind. ….. When he hit the girl, My mind was made up. He’s allowing those Steroids to make him Violent.

  3. Hummm ….. I think Steroid boy forgot to take his meds today. …. But then again. Dude might have told him did he want to Suck on his Cock while his girl watched? ….. I’m just saying?

  4. When u look the video closelly and couplle of times,you can see the boy was drunk like a”guinea fowl”and canot standing on his feet.Agree with Ros when is to much also and enough,I do not support the violence but like the Kev says who know what he told him,look the way he do that with hand contact too.This guy for shure doesnt fuck anything and push the rage in wrong direction.

  5. I certainly don’t normally have that level of violence in me. Not for a situation like that.
    I do think everybody is capable of it though. If your child or loved got hurt the anger could be uncontrollable. But, obviously in this situation his actions are way over the top.

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  7. The crazy fukr didn’t seal the deal! He defeated the weaker crackr and was supposed to rape his woman. That’s how us white people breed, so don’t hate!

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