Death of Spanish Bullfighter Ivan Fandiño in France

Death of Spanish Bullfighter Ivan Fandiño in France
Death of Spanish Bullfighter Ivan Fandiño in France

Spanish toreador Ivan Fandiño was fatally impaled through torso by a bull during a bullfighting performance in France.

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    1. In the sport of spandex clad masturbation is the bull seen as a non-participant kind of like furniture that moves or is the bull actually scoring points?

    2. Nestor Fuentes,
      Which one is it then? Is the bull considered to be the gymnastics Pommel Horse of the bull fight world or is it a ritualized masturbation display?

  1. Bullfight is a form of animal cruelty. Many bulls had been tortured to death. The bulls were not even willing to die in vain like that. They deserve to live. The bulls are innocent. But anyway today we have to celebrate because a bullfighter has died by being gored to death by a bull. It is a sweet revenge by the bull. And once again I like to say, well done bull, I love you. I wish bulls will kill many many more bullfighters

  2. Yeah fuck these fruitcakes!! Tight pink pants with cute little rhinestones…and a micky mouse club hat!! I always root for the the bull but the sad part is the bull kills them to fast while the bull usually dies a horrible slow death with 20 of those javelins sticking out of his back

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  4. Biggus Dickus makes us understand that people like him enjoy watching this animal cruelty and masturbate at the same time with it! Im glad this fucktard bullfighter died!!!

  5. “Hey, you-a dropped-a my poncey leetle hat!”
    “We’ll sell it and give the pesos to your widow”
    “Hokay Senõr… Uno momento, whaddya mean-a to my widow? I’m-a still aliv….”

  6. Such cruelty to the Bulls. Surprised not to see the sharp poles stuck in him everywhere. I’m for team Bull. This archaic bullshit “sport” should have ended a long time ago. It’s usually brutal bloody and horrific for the bull. Insane blood loving freaks continue this shit. I’m not sad the “bullfighter” met the horns. Far more humane than what he planned for the bull.

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