Egyptian Medics Take Self Immolated Man Away on Stretcher

Egyptian Medics Take Self Immolated Man Away on Stretcher
Egyptian Medics Take Self Immolated Man Away on Stretcher

The young man who self immolated in the Egyptian city of Sohag is seen in this video being taken away on a stretcher by medics.

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  1. He emmoed himself? ? He started wearing black and put white paint on his face and started cutting himself and listening to Danzig i feel sorry for this poor faggot

    1. No doubt he was a fashion fag. Just failed at self-immolation if that was his actually his goal. If that was his goal then that his is his own stupid problem.

    2. In all likelihood, he probably was just was someone that got bulldozed by his local competitors. Be it Israeli, Saudi, etc. In that case, can’t really blame him unless he actually torched himself.

  2. That’s a fancy bed they’re taking him away on!
    It has WHEELS!
    Good job its Egypt, if it was India the fucking community would be on it having a ride then they’d place it in a shrine and worship it.

    1. krazyk,
      Apologies, but i dont think anyone that frequents sites like this gives a fuck about anything anymore bro. Kind of like when you see a squirrel patty on the road, you may or may not initially feel sorry for it, but then you see so many other damn squirrel splatters that they all eventually kind of just “blend in” with the rest of the pavement in a soothing yet mundane pattern that lulls you to sleep and then you crash into a telephone pole and your windshield beheaded brains decorates the squirrel offal like icing on a cake.

  3. These nice people screamed him back to life. This “I got a rat stuck in my throat” language is the new lingo in my town too. We all are truly blessed, praise Allah. I look at my society and it’s like observing a slow suicidal car accident turning into garbage. While politicians, mass-media and the major lobotomized part of the citizens talk about shit that doesn’t matter in any way. The topics of today are terrorism, jihad bullshit, honor killings, honor oppression, female genital mutilation, Arab/nigger-gangs having AK47 drug wars in “tha hood” and so on on an endless list. This is not progress. And this is definitely not our problems. But they have become our problems and we all are resting on a slippery slope to a full scale civil war.

    1. Goran, ….. Here in the USA, some people think that we need a Civil War in order to bring order. The Democrat’s and The Rethuglicans (Republicans) are splitting our country. It won’t be color. It’ll be the Liberals against the Conservatives. The Rich Vs. The Poor. …. Donald ” Fat Boy Orange” Trump has done more HARM to this country in 5 months than all 44 presidents before him….. This guy is falling out of popularity with most of the country and a Great deal of his ” POOR” people that supported him are getting ANGRY. ….. IF! …. IF! They pass this NEW Healthcare Act next week…. Fat Trump better BEEF up his security. If they think the Baseball shooting last week was a BIG story wait until his new healthcare act kills a loved one off of one of the POOR Hillbillies that Trump promised ” COAL MINER” JOBS and not to mess with their Medicaid! Trump is Stealing from the POOR giving to the Rich by cutting Taxes for the RICH… LOL … COAL MINING? That’s Like tossing your Cellphone in the Trash and only Communicating with a Landline. …. Coal Mining just won’t happen. He Lied to them to get Votes in these Electoral College States and Now they see he LIED….. Trump is a Heartless Tyrant. ….. He’s gonna get RANKED next to HITLER after these 4 yrs.(If he doesn’t get Impeached) … I feel sorry for America’s poor people. Trump’s about to enter a Danger Zone, One thing about the American poor people. …. They have nothing to LOSE, So by taking from them, I personally feel a violent outburst will be aimed at Trump. Just watch. …..

      1. Kev – The fiat money ponzi scheme is coming to an end and they can’t uphold this fraud much longer. They need a major conflict/war or whatever so the new order can rise from the ashes. Clinton, Bush, Obama or Trump doesn’t matter because they all where/are talking heads of the same monolithic power base. Politics is the “entertainment” section of the empire. And it is not an American empire because you don’t even run your own central bank. We already have a One World Government, they just forgot to tell the citizens of the world.

    2. Well it took me a while to read but I couldn’t agree more.

      One thing, on top of everything you guys are saying, that really really fucking drives me mentally unstable is the banking system. It’s a world wide system of extortion. The average sheeple is being raped by interest and what not.
      i look at my mortgage bill every month and say to my wife “what the fuck are we doing.”
      Obviously this all coincides with what your talking about. It’s all part of the ” bigger picture,” so to speak.

      1. Twizz – Look into BIS (Bank of International Settlements) in Basel Switzerland. They say it’s owned by different central banks but it’s really the central bank of the central banks. In every two months the heads of these central banks meet up in secret meetings in the BIS headquarter where no notes are allowed and nothing is made public. Here they set interest rates and all other economical mumbo jumbo, but what it boils down to is how they can continue to rob the wage slaves. Switzerland is not a country with banks, it’s a bank with a country. And we should ask ourself why so many NGO:s are hardhearted in Switzerland.

        1. Goran, You are Exactly correct. There’s 1 Central Banking system, President Kennedy was trying to not Just Expose it, But to figure out a way to get rid of it and start a way to be self-sufficient here in America. …. This was 1 of the reasons the CIA was hired to Assassinate him….. The CIA are killing the Hollister Science researchers for Cancer. Apparently, they found a Cure back in 2009. …. Once the POWERS that be found out. 7 of the 12 Researchers mysterious were either Found dead or “Allegedly” committed suicide between 2009-2011. Now that some were replaced by bold researchers, The Count is up to 13 Hollister Researchers that have been killed. The Last one in February of 2016 was staged as a Suicide in Drag hanging from a Tree in his yard. He and his Wife had just had dinner and he was Excited that they were turning the corner on CANCER. His wife said he was spending up to 6 hours a day in overtime (this is how excited he about finding the cure) after dinner he took his dog for his usual walk and was found HUNG the next morning. …. Go Figure. IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY!

          1. I read about the “suicided” holistic doctors and their research on the cancer fighting enzyme and the enzyme inhibitor that is intentionally put in e.g. vaccines, if I remember it correctly. But since I don’t do vaccines it’s a non issue on my part. And the central banking “thing” was the real reason for WWII since Hitler circumvented this abomination of a cancer on humanity. Look how he in a few years brought Germany from the bottom to the top in things like getting rid of unemployment, progressing science and technical gains. This was the reason to get rid of him and even if all the bullshit stories about him would be true, Onkel Joe was a much bigger monster than him. And this motherfucker was fully supported before and after.

      2. My point is that politics is just empty words and the real power lies in the banking system. The head of the central bank is the one that makes or brakes a country. And that motherfucker dances to the tune of BIS.

        1. You “nut jobs” are the few but increasing minority who can finally come together, confirm and share what we all have been suspecting. We go on with our so called lives as slaves and these select few feel like divine gods fucking over 99.9% of the world. They pacify the most pathetic parasites of our societies with numerous welfare programs and the rest of us are STUCK in the middle, getting fucked by all sides. Yeay life

          1. JoeDirt – The stuck in the middle thing is just temporary. In every constructed economy disaster the welfare part of the public increases. In a couple of constructed disasters they will have eradicated most of the middle class, and then we all are going to live on handouts from the government. For GMO food, slum shelter, tainted vaccines and the brain-chip made by Apple.

          2. Ah yes, the iBrain…it’ll be nice when this ant farm world breaks and “elite” get slowly skinned alive, the internet is their ultimate downfall and they are too late to censor/control it like the ass media and “government”

          3. You shouldn’t count them out since they are running the show. They probably have some nice little bug engineered in Fort Detrick US or Porton Down UK which could be administered through chemtrails or in a down to earth way as a ironic vaccine. But the real problem is not the psychopathic and morally corrupt “elite” (written in a really really sarcastic way), it’s more the sleeping meat mountain herd that are going to the ones that drag us down into the abyss with them. When the day comes I hope I will get a couple of extra minutes to run around and scream “I told you so, I told you so” with an insane laughter.

    3. I appreciate and understand all of your thoughts, but I can’t help to think: These power centrals have had the technological means to exterminate anyone that physically opposes them since at least Hiroshima, yet they haven’t.
      You can argue they like the benefits of keeping a captive audience, but I’d rather think there is a lot more to it than that. In other words, I think these maligned power centrals are more sophisticated than often given credit for. That doesn’t mean I have to agree with their policies, but I imagine if they disappeared tomorrow other groups would rise up and simply take their place, perhaps might be worse too.

      1. That’s a very good point BD.
        Actions have consequences, obviously.
        I don’t think anybody is doubting their intelligence, it’s the morality that is unacceptable.
        Underground bases are being built extensively (supposedly) around the world. Specially by the US. The implications from these actions are very scary!
        As far as being able to eliminate who they please, I think that’s what the us thought when they invaded Vietnam.

        1. I don’t think it was a war against Vietnam, more of a war of the “American” elite (ran by Austrian-Kissinger, Polish-Brzezinski and UK-Rothchild&Co elite) vs their base American citizen and maybe also Cambodia (heavy bombing) as well. If the “American” elite at the time really wanted to annihilate Vietnam so badly it probably would have been easy but instead they sent in inspired by low-information Patriotism boys armed with AR-15s and got them hooked on hard drugs.

        2. Twizz – Wars are not being fought west against east, country against country or people against people. Wars are fought so they can make radical changes to society that would have been impossible in peace time. And to make profit. And to mow-down the part of the population willing to take arms. But this one is getting harder and this is why they are pushing the autonomous killing machines. They have allot of DUMB:s allover the world and it is there they are going to sit out the upcoming culling. Robots are doing the industrial work and people are or are going to be redundant. They don’t want a couple of billion people with time to think about the injustices of our current world. So they are going to cull the herd and keeping about five percent as obedient “house-niggers”. They know who the obedient ones are, thanks to Internet, and the obedient ones know who they are. Don’t you?

          1. @BD – Muhammad Ali was a fighter, both in and outside the ring, and most of all he was a honest man. You are neither of these things. You are the eternal bitch victim when it suits you. When I dismantled your victim-card you where totally defenseless. But as a freshly amputee you where still waving your bloody stump, even when it wasn’t there anymore. Your victim status have become such an integral part of you so you are nothing without it. You bitch about others “deeming you inferior” but this is not your real problem. You feel inferior. Every word you write reeks of this feeling of inferiority and it doesn’t matter where you go or who you speak to, you are going to bring that feeling with you. But others don’t define you, you do. And a good start would or could be to drop your victim status. Since it is really hard to take you seriously with it. So man up or shut up.

          2. So you are racist against black people only when it suits your agenda and vice versa?

          3. Dry your tears and don’t forget to put the victim-card on the nightstand. Sweet dreams in hope for a better tomorrow…

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