Train Accident Leaves Indian Woman with Amputated Legs

Train Accident Leaves Indian Woman with Amputated Legs
Train Accident Leaves Indian Woman with Amputated Legs

Video from India shows the aftermath of a train accident which left a woman with both legs amputated. She takes it quite well, considering the severity of her injuries.

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  1. Looking chilled an relaxed there is Mrs Gupta. “I’m ok here for a couple of hours” she said, “just fuck off and let me top my tan up a bit longer and if you happen to be passing a KFChappati, get me a 10 piece family bucket and a coke”…..

    1. She also said to leave her in place so the next train can finish her off, so everybody just stood there and recorded. Plus she forgot to shave so she is making sure her stumps are covered so the crowd doesn’t ridicule her.

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  3. How do these accidents happen? Always get the fuck out of the way when a train is coming. Unless she was trying to kill herself i dont see how this shit happens.

    1. I think it’s a lot of free-riders jumping on and of the trains all the time. And since it is about 1.36 billion of these poor motherfuckers, the occurrence of these accidents becomes a pure statistic probability. But they don’t miss up on a chance to see some pussy. Got to give them that..

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  5. The internationalist power elite are discussing the construction of a huge highway system ‘Silk Road’ to link all of Asia directly to Europe, I believe they think this will remove the population/transportation burden of India. If you don’t believe me I can share the link.

  6. She is, indeed, doing a great job considering what happens to her! STILL, I completely believe that the most disturbing part of this videos… is that whole and huge crowd taking pictures, videos and offering their precious comment to Baba-Ganesh God but ignoring the fact that she might need assistance. I’m very curious to get the traduction of what what said at that time but I seems they were speculating on HOW they would throw her body into the Gange (the river). Or maybe they are just asking if someone is carrying a TEN FOOT POLE… But, HER, I know she was talking to herself and she was saying : ”Why am I not a cow? They would be helping me…”

  7. how did the train not see her in that dress? Never mind the driver! Curry swabbing maggots standing around gormless as fuck hahaa typical of India. Probably waiting for her to die then turn the rest of her into curry. ?

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      1. Grats for your Newborn elementary son KK! Do not be surprise if you find that he have 2 pairs of legs. If so, it’s because he found them beside the railroad track. For is english lessons, you can teach him 1st, all the human body parts! Apparently very common things that can be found if you walk beside a railroad in India….

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