Off Duty Lansing Cop Assaults 15 Year Old Jordan Brunson

Off Duty Lansing Cop Assaults 15 Year Old Jordan Brunson
Off Duty Lansing Cop Assaults 15 Year Old Jordan Brunson

An off duty Lansing, Illinois cop assaulted 15 year old Jordan Brunson because the teen’s friend allegedly stepped on the precious cop’s lawn. As you would expect from a pig, the cop said: “Your friends are being fucking idiots… You are trespassing in my fucking yard… If you come on my property I’ll fucking kill you.

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      1. So kev …sorry iam an ass but your right, this incident happened miles from me and the story goes 50 kids in the street watching a fight over some kids brother tricked into taking drugs. So the lansing off duty cop yells at them the cops are on the way get the fuck outta here. Two kids one white recording other black approach him on his front lawn talking shit tell him to stay out of this in slang and off duty cop grabs him until fellow officers show up

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  3. This tosser’s nerves are fried so I checked out Lansing’s most recent reported crime stats.

    Murder – 9
    Rape – 118
    Robbery – 265
    Assault – 935
    Violent crime – 1,327
    Burglary – 959
    Theft – 2,140
    Vehicle theft – 351
    Property crime – 3,450

    “The overall crime rate is 81% higher than the average of crimes committed in Michigan. It is also 46% higher than the national average. When it comes to violent crimes, Lansing, MI shows a crime rate that is 178% higher than the Michigan average. The crime rate is also 211% higher than the national average. When it comes to property crimes, Lansing, MI is shown to be 60% higher than the Michigan average and 21% higher than the national average.”

    So there you have it. This town is being overrun by black criminals.

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