Man Making Quick Sand Escape Video Drowns in Quicksand

Man Making Quick Sand Escape Video Drowns in Quicksand
Man Making Quick Sand Escape Video Drowns in Quicksand

A man apparently trying to film an instructional video about how to escape a quick send, drowns to death in quick send on camera.

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    1. The guy is a Dumbass thats why today he thought he could do it on his own with no help as soon as he jumped in he realized he fucked up he also says “please help me its quicksand” before his head goes under. No one can put their head under dirt that long without having their lungs will up with mud. This man is deader then a doorknob and there’s a back story too they found his body a few days later that is also why he doesn’t make anymore videos. People are dumb.

      1. Yeah I saw a short Vice documentary on the people who do this shit, apparently it’s a pretty popular fetish hahaha right behind feet licking and all that good shit.

        These people go out and either find or create quicksand pits and then film themselves drowning in it. However, they normally come back up. Not sure what happened with this one or I’d the dude is still alive. All I do know, is that he ain’t the only one! Haha

      2. Pretty scary shit, definitely not my preferred way to go!

        However, after watching it a second time in pretty sure he is still alive, he isn’t panicking at all and seems very in control all the way to the end. I’ll bet he had someone there to help.

      3. I knew it was true you can’t fake that in quicksand, all though he didn’t really panic but wasn’t he an instructor on how to get out of that kind of situation. First thing to do would be try to stay calm but shit I would’ve tripped the hell out but then again I wouldnt of done some stupid shit like that ether lol

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  4. Pam if these people had more sense we would be bored too death!!! His buddies would have dragged his ass out of their and said told you so!! They would have made fun of him and we would scratch our heads like why is this on bestgore!!??? But I thought the same shit he could have at the very least had a rope tied to a tree and laying on top of the quick sand just in case his super human strength failed him this one time

  5. IF this is a real video…
    1) That is mud, NOT quicksand.
    2) Why would you not have a back up plan in case you failed?
    Props to the dumbass on the commentary up to the end, though.

  6. Um, mud IS what quicksand is. A mixture of sand, clay and water. I’ve heard that its unlikely a person will sink past their waist. Hope he didn’t die like this anyway.

    1. If he walked in then yes he likely wouldn’t go past his waist, but fucktard decided to spice it up by jumping in. Props for the play by play commentary even with mud in his nose, the bubbles in the end were a nice touch

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  9. Nothing quick about dat shit!!

    At the very end, the little puff from under the mud looks like my anus the morning after a drinking night!

    Love his little pointless “help” near the end too. A little too late buddy. Who’s gonna help anyway?

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  11. Yawn – – – amateurish cinematography,no less than three time shifts in the last two minutes,very noticeable due to the light shading on the “quicksand”.
    probably went to film school in Palestine 😉

    1. Go to YouTube and look up user “quicksand hot new”. According to that channel, the guy has died numerous times by asphyxiation in quicksand. He seems to get-off on being consumed by quicksand / mud.

  12. It’s real.. the video anomalies are due to wind and video compression. I’ve seen people do this before, but I never imagined anyone would be dumb enough to do it alone.

  13. It is fake. He’s getting better at it tho… He’s the “Boggy Man” If you’re a good searcher you can find vids over 10 years old online of him playing this game…
    You can pretend to struggle and fake drown in waste deep water all day long.

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