Bitch Treated to Free Knuckle Sandwich After Challenging Guy

Bitch Treated to Free Knuckle Sandwich After Challenging Guy
Bitch Treated to Free Knuckle Sandwich After Challenging Guy

Privileged bitches always expect to be treated to free food from guys, so here’s one who got treated to a complimentary knuckle sandwich.

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      1. Its her boyfriend/future husband/pimp, she will get used to it soon enough and forever psycologically fucked up…but he is a nice guy aka has a big dick and thats all that really matters, right ladies?! Fuck all dumb cross breeding white bitches and retarded mixtape making naggers

          1. Pro boxing call it a K.O. to protect boxers from getting hurt. Seriously pro boxing is for pussies.

          2. Argy, why not step into a boxing ring yourself and show those pussies how its done? Considering the shekels involved I wouldn’t hesitate to do so myself considering boxers are pussies. A pussy boxer punching your liver won’t you hurt at all, trust me

          3. call Muhammad Ali, Ray Mancini, Sugar Ray Robinso, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciono, Lenix Louis, Evander Holyfield, & Mike Tyson a pussies. and see how far that gets you!

    1. B, you are a walking contradiction, you are white, that is until it is no longer suits you to be so, then you play the race card and you magically transform into an endangered “Native American” complete with a special protection card and full Indian headdress that your distant relatives stole off the corpse of an Indian Chief they exterminated. Basically, that means you have loyalty to no one but your own twisted genocidal fantasies. Good luck with that.

      1. Biggus Gay-Denialus – This imaginary “Native American special protection card” sounds awful similar to the so real “Bitch Nigger victim card”. Are you sure you are not projecting things?

  1. I’m a female and can say if any of us are going to square up to a guy we deserve everything that’s coming
    Woman can’t always get away with acting like a cunt just because they’re woman !

    1. Sharniist – It is better to have a “ménage à trois” with two woman than a square with one woman acting like a cunt. Don’t be square dear…

    2. Blacks need to die from this planet.. These apes are like an experiment went horribly wrong.. like WTF are these niggers? Part human part fucking apes..

      1. your women need to be set straight,they are whores and crack addicts and have sex with their dads and bros.kudos to the black guy serving we need more blacks to fuckstart your incestous paedophile fuckbrains

  2. Sharniist let me apologize upfront because if you frequent this site you will soon realize we have been infested with VD and we haven’t been able to get rid of it…

  3. I wonder why that nigger stopped there, he could continue with some more hard kicks to her head like somebody playing soccer ball while she was lying. He is still a boy and already act like gentleman……. Sucks

  4. No VD I’m Native American every day and what you are is will an idiot everyday. 100 percent of the people on this site aren’t sure if you are white or black because you don’t make any sense EVER. I noticed you aren’t calling people Neanderthals anymore,why is that? Because it made no sense and I brought that to your attention with facts and not more gibberish…you might be black because it’s common for mooncrickets to repeat them selves and get louder instead of making valid points

    1. B, no use talking sense to you. The more I point out your contradictions and nutter personality traits the more genocidal you get. The last thing this world needs is a genocidal midget. Take care bro, and listen to my albums to calm your midget rage.

      1. Hilarious Denialus – If this shit is for real, which it’s probably not, don’t quit your gay-day or night job. If you got one, which you probably don’t.

        1. Goran, I’ll let you know if I’ve given a damn about any piss poor thing you’ve ever done or said in your whole life, you are pretty mediocre individual, especially for a mixed race guy. Being that you are of mixed mulatto racial composition I expected more funk from you, but instead you behave like a racist white low IQ skinhead bigot, please grow some funk… until then peace out bro.

          1. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Dickus – And there we have the “cry me a river” victim-card again. It doesn’t make me a “mediocre individual” if I dislike your shitty computer-generated wannabe “rap music” you idiot. It just shows that I have a good taste in music. But if this shit you linked to is real, did you really expect standing ovations or a record deal? I think you are trying to promote your “thing” in the totally wrong forum, issue boy. But practice makes perfect and in your quest for the illusionary rainbow, I wish you good mental health. LOL

          2. First you spend a couple of days annoying people with your incoherent ramblings and, when the audience is warmed up, then you promote the “Stephen Hawking’s voice-box rap” and is bewildered over the lukewarm response. Neither is marketing your thing, huh? You do realize you have some issues, don’t you?

      2. Jesus, talk about someone showing off and exploiting what they barely are, if you were 5% native american you would build a casino. You must be in a real dilemma because you are mostly white but want to be accepted as a blackie because your dad left when you were 6months old, right fam?!

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  5. And I haven’t contradicted myself at all…everything iv said on here is true just because a Native American man doesn’t like a phony fuck like want me to jump on board with you and hate white people cause what happened to blacks and natives but I just hate individually not as whole.

  6. Will all I have to say is it took real courage to admit that those are your raps.. cool fro man but I gotta say you talk about purebreds and you look 80% white…you from Bakersfield?

  7. So we were right about the black/white thing cause you’re’s okay to be proud of both…is it lame to be part white?? I don’t understand?

    1. she really wanted it all in her mouth, but that was probably aiming a bit too high for her… a fat balding white Neanderthal is definitely in her future

  8. This was an amateur movie scene… This loser just took the opportunity to hit a woman… has his father was doing over his mother. It’s only a kind of viscious circle were you can see a looser guy hitting a woman first!!!!!

  9. If a woman likes to be wined and dined, don’t marry them.
    Soon as they get the ring on their finger, they go into overdrive to join the fat club.
    Better suited wearing a ring through their nose.

      1. OUCH!… That hurt my masturbation hand!… Your Grammy’s gonna be Sooo pissed, Big gus dicks us. When the syllables in your name are broken down it makes it sound much MORE gay!

  10. How she thought she’d teach him a lesson, with those puny short arms of hers, speaks more of her arrogance than the mere ‘fight’ between the black guy and the dumb white girl. Easy, undeserved win for him while she’s easily a loser. Funny. Odd he didn’t go overboard either.

  11. Measure yourself and act appropriately. Whether it’s a woman taking on a man or a scrawny 5ft 7in man taking on Hulk Hogan, do stupid things, win stupid prizes…

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