Female Child Kidnapper Tied to Post in Egypt

Female Child Kidnapper Tied to Post in Egypt
Female Child Kidnapper Tied to Post in Egypt

Video from Egypt shows a mob tied a woman to a post. The woman was reportedly involved in kidnapping and trafficking of children. Pussy pass is strong in Egypt. Males get hanged upside down and lynched to death for stealing a cell phone in Egypt. You can even see a white knight stop a guy who slaps the woman with a shoe.

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  1. 0 out 10 all of u : that was muslim porn.

    lot of people in this video had fucked her without condoms and she “just” could have kids due to the MST they brought into her body.

    We can see that the (judges) people puttin her at a stake are smokin’, swearin’ … stuff like that : this is plain moderate muslimage in action.

    One thing is still missing in this video: some airstrike so they can pretend to be innocent.

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