Brazilian Purse Thief Beaten and Set on Fire by Mob

Brazilian Purse Thief Beaten and Set on Fire by Mob
Brazilian Purse Thief Beaten and Set on Fire by Mob

Video from Brazil shows a mob severely beating and setting on fire a man accused of stealing a purse. A woman stealing from a man would have gotten away with a slap on her wrist. A man stealing from a woman is a death sentence in pussy whipped Brazil. You can’t be any more privileged than being born a woman.

26 thoughts on “Brazilian Purse Thief Beaten and Set on Fire by Mob”

  1. B- Those guys in the jackass movies with the shopping cart are wimps, you showed them how it’s done raider nation. No one can talk shit to B anymore, unless you upload a similar video. You are a OB- Original Bangster!

      1. Rosar, …. Why did you say that? …. Bd will start beating his little cock! A man in Women’s underwear. Yeap! He’s squirting over his notebook now.

  2. This guy is a Yorkshireman not a Bra-zeel-ee-ann, the chief twat with the fuel is saying ‘you want some more flame Gilbert”,and we can clearly hear G-string Gilbert replying “i, i, i” , in that unmistakable north yorkshire accent without a shadow of a doubt. Fuckin yorkshiremen in every corner of the globe man…

    1. I totally agree with you Mckenzie, they sounded like Yorkshire thugs hoodies fighting over their prosies, the place was actually Shifnal street in Sheffield.

  3. I have no clue what a Yorkshireman is but they sound like dicks..definitely not RAIDER NATION approved.. if you watch the dude when they’re putting the 3oz of rubbing alcohol on him he did the universal time out sign lol

  4. thanks i automatically thought of a York shire terrier but didn’t want to pretend I knew cause I was hoping it meant something horrible like the guy has sex with dead people while driving a fiat

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