Wedding Day Helicopter Ride Ends in Crash, Bride Dies

Wedding Day Helicopter Ride Ends in Crash, Bride Dies
Wedding Day Helicopter Ride Ends in Crash, Bride Dies

An unpublished video found by the brother of the bride four days after the helicopter crash in São Lourenço da Serra, in Greater São Paulo, shows the interior of the helicopter that took the bride Rosemeire Nascimento da Silva to his wedding. The four occupants died in an accident that shocked the country in December 2016.

The video, which shows the flight from the beginning to the fall, is already being used in the investigation of the Civil Police and the Aeronautics. For the lawyer who represents the relatives of the dead, the images point to the pilot’s “mistakes”. The company that owns the helicopter said that it will not manifest itself. Below in this report, read what the lawyers say.

The showed the images to an independent expert. According to Aeronautics Reserve Colonel Luis Lupoli, the images show possible mistakes made by pilot Peterson Pinheiro in the final moments of the flight (read more about the specialist analysis below).

Besides the bride and the commander, Rosemeire’s brother, Silvano Nascimento da Silva, and photographer Nayla Cristina Neves Lousada, who was six months pregnant, were also on board.

The camera was taken by the photographer and was found four days later by a brother of the bride, who was looking for personal belongings of the family that would have been lost at the scene of the tragedy. The equipment was delivered to the authorities days later.

The video shows the moment of takeoff, which took place in the hangar of the company that owns the helicopter, in Osasco, in São Paulo, with sun and open time. It was 4:00 pm on December 4, 2016, and Rosemeire would surprise the fiancé, Udirley Damasceno, by flying to the buffet where the wedding would be held.

After 21 minutes of flight, the weather closes and there is a lot of fog. Through the video, you can see that in the next four minutes and 45 seconds, the pilot struggles to find the place where the wedding would be held, the family-rented Recanto Beija-Flor party buffet, and also to keep the plane stabilized .

The expert Luís Lupoli says:

In the midst of fog and clouds, the pilot changes control of the aircraft, trying to keep the visual operation, even in flight and instrument operation, disorienting.
In the evaluation of the expert, the pilot missed when he decided to follow the flight from this moment, although the time closed quickly.
For the military, the images show that the pilot was disoriented spatially
The panel records, especially the artificial horizon equipment (a blue line, 180 degrees, which shows if the aircraft is aligned near the horizon) and speedometer, indicate that the aircraft has turned several times diagonally, curving sharply to The two sides and losing speed before the fall.

After analyzing the images, Colonel Lupoli understands that it is possible that the pilot did not have knowledge to operate the helicopter, a Robinson R44 Raven II, prefix PR-TUN, under instrument conditions, as it makes sudden movements to try to stabilize the aircraft.

The crashed aircraft could only be used, according to its official record, for operations under visual conditions, in which the pilot uses visual references of soil, horizon and time, not just instruments on board.

What the pilot could do

The accident occurs in the last 15 seconds of the video, when the helicopter is almost touching the ground on the right and the pilot, in an attempt to prevent the collision, jerks the joystick to the left again.

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    Also, it was a french helicopter… take that as you will

    1. Pamela, I won’t be sarcastic to your response. This should be a Lesson in Life. ….. Most likely from the Article, The Pilot was not “QUALIFIED” to fly this type of Helicopter. Passengers on ANY FLIGHT have EVERY RIGHT to ask? Are they qualified to FLY that particular Plane/Helicopter? ….. We had a STATE Police Helicopter that crashed a couple years ago. The Pilot was Experienced, But! They had just bought a NEW MED-VAC Helicopter that he had not had proper training for in Inclement weather and the same thing happened to him, They needed to fly a Car Accident victim to the Hospital, The ” Experienced Pilot” crashed near a wooded area after a Warm front mixed with snow on the ground cause FOG where the crash site was and he killed all 3 of them. ….. Moral of the story. Be careful what you wish for while Flying. …. You’re placing your life in that Pilot hands and he just may not be what you think!

      1. Kev- Read the link from Robert- It says the pilot may not have been qualified to fly instruments only. Should have turned around, aborted, flight, landed. They said he became disorientated. I can make this comparison because they are so real- If you ever played the flight simulation or air combat games and you can’t see and become disoriented many times I have crashed- These mirror real life flying situations. The investigation says he turned to the right turned to the left to correct and did not know what he was doing.

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