Shootout Over Fence Dispute Between Neighbors in Johnson County, Indiana

Shootout Over Fence Dispute Between Neighbors in Johnson County, Indiana
Shootout Over Fence Dispute Between Neighbors in Johnson County, Indiana

Argument over a fence placement lead to an armed altercation between disputing neighbors in Johnson County, Indiana. A firefighter an old man four times in the chest, but will not be charged because the video allegedly shows him acting in self defense. The wounded old man took the shots like a boss. He’s in critical condition now.

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    1. the grandpa was also stupidly holding up a gun though knowing they mutually dislike eachother.

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      1. who cares of a granpa holding a gun, it is like u were sayin ” omg the granpa could have used the mower to fucking mow this guy head”… as a matter of concern , even if the granpa had the gun , he immediately pulled it off , wich means it is a murder , but also mean this guy screwed his whole family life not understanding what happened.
        Second point of this video , clearly showin evidence , is that 8 shots will never be judged as self defense accordingly to jurisprudence , and have been case laws.

        Havin camera pointin at them IS worse for the “firefighterpug” ; he will spend his life behind bars.

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        1. Shakarn- You didn’t do any research on this! The guy first holds up a gun, he was shot in self-defense, the older guy on the lawn mower shoots back at him. Prosecutors are looking at pressing charges against the man on the lawn mower not the home owner. The guy on the lawn mower does NOT own any property he is only renting a room. The other gentelman is a firefighter and owns his property. The police have been called 15 times in the last 9 years. Guy is in hospital with four gunshot wounds maybe he learned his lesson!

        2. once you see a gun drawn, it may very well be the last thing you see. a bullet can travel much faster than a lawn mower, in case you were confused.

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