PCC Assaults Jewelry in Bolivia, Five Die in Shootout with Police

PCC Assaults Jewelry in Bolivia, Five Die in Shootout with Police
PCC Assaults Jewelry in Bolivia, Five Die in Shootout with Police

Bolivian government minister Carlos Romero confirmed that the criminal organization PCC was involved in the assault that resulted in five deaths, this Thursday (13), in the center of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The criminal group tried to rob a jewelry store when it was intercepted by the police. Three criminals, a police officer and a mall employee were killed.

Still according to the minister, it would not be the first time that the criminal organization is part of assaults on jewelry in Bolivia. “There is a chance that those involved will have links to the other assault that occurred in 2016. They are fugitives, they are linked to the First Command of the Capital,” Romero said.

According to Romero, the police took five minutes to reach the site, where a group of four armed robbers were making hostage clients. After the policemen asked them to surrender, the robbers opened fire and killed a lieutenant. In the exchange of shots, three other police officers were injured. One of them is in critical condition.

Each of the thieves had large-caliber weapons with eight porters capable of firing up to 240 projectiles. “We are talking about extremely dangerous criminals. As they have demonstrated, they are willing to kill,” he said.

The dead are a policeman, a hostage who tried to escape and three robbers, two of them of Brazilian nationality, identified as “monkey” and “Camilo”.

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