Criminals Open Fire at GCM Guards During Robbery at Jewelry Store in Rio Preto

Criminals Open Fire at GCM Guards During Robbery at Jewelry Store in Rio Preto
Criminals Open Fire at GCM Guards During Robbery at Jewelry Store in Rio Preto

The two unarmed municipal guards who were shot during a gunfight after an assault on a jewelry store in São José do Rio Preto (SP) on Saturday (15) remain hospitalized in hospitals in the city.

According to the hospitals, the health status of the two is stable. In addition to the victims, a teenager walking with his uncle at the time of the shootings was killed by a stray bullet. He was 17 years old and died inside a store.

The guard, Tássia Tomada Dourado, who was shot in the stomach and had her intestines pierced, is hospitalized at Base Hospital. She underwent surgery and was taken to the ICU. The young woman is sedated and stable, but inspires care.

Already the other guard hit is Cleiton José da Silva Gomes, who is hospitalized in Santa Casa de Rio Preto.

According to the press office of the hospital, he took two shots: one in the left arm and the other in the left leg. The guard has undergone surgery to remove the bullet and is in the room, sedated and stable.

Security cameras caught the action. In the pictures you can see the moment when a car parks in front of the store that was robbed. Three thieves come down and the car makes the turn and parks across the street waiting.

Inside the shop the burglars surrender the employees and begin to pick up the jewels, semijoias and watches. When they learn of the robbery, the two municipal guards approach.

They get off the bike, and at the moment one of the criminals who was in the car descends, crosses the street and shoots them. The thief has a machine gun.

The young woman is the first to be hit and soon after the guard, who was also hit, tries to get something on the bike, but ends up falling. The burglars from inside the shop then leave. One takes the bag to the car and two others leave firing towards the boardwalk.

One of the shots of these thieves hit the 17-year-old, who fell into a store and died.

The parents of the adolescent went to the Boardwalk when they learned. The mother sat inconsolable and the boy’s father and other relatives also went to the scene.

The guards were rescued by other duty mates until Samu arrived. “They were fired because they came in the black car, but they did not realize they had more people armed inside the car, who came behind them and fired,” says Silvio Pedro, director of the Municipal Guard.

Pedro Henrique Bueno de Oliveira was 17 years old and was a student of the Agricultural School of Mirassol (SP). According to the family, the young man was in the last year and intended to give a college entrance exam for agronomy or veterinary medicine.

The student was on the Rio Negro Boardwalk with his uncle and aunt when he was hit by a stray bullet. He was one block away from the stormed shop.

During the afternoon, the sensation was of indignation on the Boardwalk. Nanny Ana Jussara said she narrowly escaped the shootout.

“I was going to the store about nine o’clock, but something happened that happened later. That’s when God delivered me. I almost did not witness it, “he says.

The street was cleared by police at around 1:00 p.m., and city officials cleared up all the violence.


Police are searching to find the gang that triggered the shooting. According to police, there are at least five suspects, three of whom were inside the jewelry store and two others outside to help the escape.

One of the thieves outside was the one who started shooting. During the afternoon of Saturday, two men were detained suspected of eating

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