African Man Tied to Pole and Weighted with Stone Tied to His Balls

African Man Tied to Pole and Weighted with Stone Tied to His Balls
African Man Tied to Pole and Weighted with Stone Tied to His Balls

Video that looks like it’s from Africa shows a man accused of rape being uncomfortably tied to a pole, and weighted with a stone tied to his balls. Uniformed people gave zero fucks.

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    1. This is actually Niggus Dumbass’s rap video, just another monkey swinging on a branch… we finally get an inside look on how all rap “music” is made, it does take balls to do it though

  1. That ” WEE-WEE-WEE” Shit was getting on my Nerves. …. Just cut the BLACK Muther Fucker’s Black nasty balls off and it’s a WIN-WIN situation! …

  2. Another small cocked nigger trying to enlarge the little worm. But I did like the “rock-a-bye nigger” rocking and he sang with a wonderful high pitched castrato voice.

          1. G-fist – It could also be some twisted African BDSM thing of the BD perverted kind, since dicks are involved.

          2. bet you all love listening to rap music, another black man’s invention. All of you so thrilled to see that poor Biggus hanging on a stick. ANd why are you all looking at his nuts and claiming there is a rock tied there which is obviously not the case

          3. BD – As Eazy-E sang “nuts on your chin” and they are probably white ones, as you prefer them to be.

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    1. Rosar – No special reason at all, but as the daily theme on this site goes death is always a heart-beat away. Where ever you go and whatever you do.

        1. Don’t think I have to worry about Wooden Jew since he is a newborn Christian. But BD on the other hand is a whole other question. He could smile in your face while tranquilizing you with his monotone robo-rap and then open his can of crazy and stab you in the neck.

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  4. Dang. I thought (hoped) we were going to actually SEE something. He should have been stripped down to his bare ass so we could witness the CBT.

    1. Thanks Azy. But my hands are empty. What I liked about the featured video here … is that its real torture … unlike the CBT on the porn link. Also … I can’t deal with women in porn. It just shrinks my noodle. But I really DO appreciate your effort. Thanks.

  5. For info – the on-screen caption translates literally as “Pay? Dickwad Didn’t”. IE he was banging a hooker but failed to pony up for services rendered, so the bitch cried rape and got her revenge.

  6. Always see charity advertising for giving aid to Africans. As far as i can see they have plenty of AIDS. And adidas shorts and camera phones. Only thing i’d send them is to the bottom of the ocean.

  7. If this wog had merely said in clear spoken English “please take the rock off my Gonads” instead of his chimp chat then I do think that they would have obliged. But trouble was, nobody knew…

  8. I’ve never seen a miscopy/BG post title and looked forward to the comments as much as when I saw the title to this one.
    I was however disappointed in the video. That rock was definitely not hanging from his nuts.

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  10. Uniformed Nigger: “I see someone not having enough fun. Hold my rifle and don’t touch that watermelon.”

    Nigger not having fun: “WEE WEE WEEEE”

    Uniformed Nigger: “This rock looks smaller than it did 2 hours ago Bobby.. Should we find him a friend? I reckon those good folks over there would pay a few bags of rice to see that. Let’s give it a shake first and see if that right nut evens out.”


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